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From a family shoot on Friday.  Cute little girl.  An amazing sunset.

Roman | Newborn

This was a first for me. I shot Dee and Iuliana’s wedding back on January 1st, 2011. Almost a year later, little man Roman was born and I got to meet him last Sunday.

Stuff like this makes me love what I do. Being able to tell stories through photos over time. So awesome.

Now Roman was born back on December 11th and usually when you photograph a newborn, it’s best in the first 10 days because they sleep all the time and pretty much will just lay there for you. But Roman was born three weeks early, so I think that’s why he was basically sound asleep for the hour or so I was there.

A few times he opened his eyes, yawned (yes! I caught it!), but otherwise he was off in dreamland. I was envious to tell you the truth!

Most of these images were taken in Dee and Iuliana’s bedroom, which was on the south side of the house and bathed in beautiful afternoon sunlight. They had a white bed, with a white headboard and roman blinds over the windows. Needless to say, the light was epic. All natural.

Iuliana’s mother, father, brother and sister-in-law all flew in from Moldova (located between the Ukraine and Romania) to stay with them for awhile and help take care of the baby. How awesome is that?  Roman is the first grandchild too, so it was a momentous occasion.

Thanks Dee and Iulia for letting me come back into your lives for a little bit to capture a few moments for you! He’s a beautiful little guy and it’s going to be awesome to watch him grow up!

Meet Roman | Newborn

One year and eight days ago I photographed the wedding of Dee and Iulia. Yesterday I took some pictures of their brand new baby boy Roman.

He literally slept the entire time.

More to come.

The Carusone family

I love, love, love referrals and so I want to thank my friends Joel and Kim for passing my name on to the Carusone family! We met up Sunday in Tempe to get some updated family photos.

Although…we were supposed to have met up a few weeks prior, but suddenly there was a massive triathalon going on that day, so we had to reschedule. Dena loves this area around the Tempe Center for the Arts and really wanted to have their photos taken with it as the backdrop.

Had a blast with these guys. The three brothers, Erik, Logan and and Evan, of course didn’t want to get pictures taken. I mean, they are high school boys. Soooo many other fun things to be doing. But they were great sports, eventually started having fun… and one of them even found a fake mustache laying around that somehow ended up in a few of our photos. I did feel at times that I was shooting a boy band or something…such sharp looking dudes! As were mom and dad of course.

This also marked the first ever photoshoot where I got to talk about fantasy football while we were walking around! Thanks to dad James for sharing in a bit of my misery going into the playoffs.

And thanks to the whole family for letting me hang out with you guys and snap some frames. Hope you had fun and enjoy the photos!

The Ross family

I went to high school with Melanie…which was…yeah, a long time ago. We didn’t run in the same circles really, but she has always been one of my favorite people that I remember from high school. She and her friend Lori were short, cute and the nicest people that you’d ever meet. They were almost like twins. They were always together.  And they had a unique way about them…like standing out in front of the school just waving at people as they drove up. Not just a normal wave, but like they were in a beauty pageant  or something.

I thought it was hilarious, which is likely why I still remember that to this day.

Now here we are…10…15…alright…18 years later and she’s got this massive, adorable family. They also have a unique story that I need to hear sometime. In the image below, the two kids on the right are hers, the other three belong to her husband Daniel. But technically, they all belong to each other now as Daniel just recently adopted her two kids as his own.

Such an amazing moment for them and I know from briefly asking about it that this was a huge deal.

So now they are this giant family of seven. We met up in downtown Gilbert for a mini-session last week and had a blast. Usually with these short little shoots, I try to grab group shots, individual shots and hopefully a couple of fun ones before we’re finished.

And what else is more fun than getting seven people to jump in the air at the same time? We did a lot of jumping at the end, and I kind of wished I was out there with ’em.

It was so awesome meeting you guys! Loved all the kids and hopefully we’ll meet up again down the road!

The Kruckenberg family

Photographing the Kruckenberg fam is always a treat because…well, look at ’em. Nothing but cuteness everywhere. Yeah, even Brian, whatever, I said it.

We’ve known this family for a long time now. Brian is the pastor at the church we attend called New City in downtown Phoenix. In fact, a large part of the reason we live downtown in the first place was to help that church get going. It’s been awesome to watch what is happening with it and how it’s growing.

They’ve been huge in our lives and we love them to pieces.

Tuesday evening we hooked up near Lola’s Coffee on Roosevelt and 3rd Avenue to snap their annual family photos. I absolutely love this little area of downtown Phoenix. Awesome sidewalks, cute side streets…and lots of brick. Brian had a great idea to take some images standing in the middle of Portland Street (the one with all the palm trees) and that was super awesome.

Lately if I haven’t laid down in the middle of a street to shoot photos of someone, it doesn’t feel like a normal session. Of course, one of these days my clients will fail to alert me of an approaching car and that will be the end of all that!

We even ended up on the roof of the church offices…which was just fun in of itself…I mean, who doesn’t like walking around on the roof of a house?

Thanks Krucks for letting me do this for you guys again…I love seeing your family change from year to year!

The Sanchez family

Brandy and her cute family have been doing big store studio photo sessions ever since they had kid number one.  But last time out it didn’t go so well, so she wanted to try something different. She asked me to shoot her little boy’s 1-year photos, plus just general family pictures of her other two girls, Jayden and Lili.

I am obviously a huge fan of outdoor, lifestyle photography, so I couldn’t have been more excited to show this family how much fun you can have just walking around taking pictures.

We ventured down to one of the Rio Salado parks in south Phoenix and despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we had an amazing time. Little man Adrian was so adorable I think I took a billion photos solely of him and they are all awesome! The eldest, Jayden…well, she’s gonna be a model someday more than likely. I didn’t have to do much except point the camera and let her run with it.

Now little Lili…well, she had her own agenda. I believe she was making me prove myself…like, “if you can shoot me, you can shoot anyone!” I loved her. She has this quiet stubborness you don’t usually see in kids. They either cry or throw tantrums. But not Lili…she was just like, nope, not doing it!

Little did she know I got a bunch of shots of her anyways!

Had such a blast with this group and afterwards received one of the kindest emails ever. Thanks so much you guys for letting me do this for you and can’t wait to see you all again in the spring!

The Servin family

The day after Thanksgiving is usually the day everyone goes shopping. For me though, it’s the day I take pictures of the Servin family.

I turn 37 in February, which means I’ve been friends with Sam and his family for over 20 years now. Definitely my oldest friend that I still get to see here and there. He was the best man at my wedding and now here we both are married with young kids growing up right before our eyes. I’m so proud of him and his little clan.

But that’s not everyone who showed up for picture day. Sam’s parents, Sam’s brother Joe and his family, and sister Bianca. Eleven people. I don’t see them as much as I wish, so doing this shoot is an absolute blast for me. I just love the kids, they all enjoy looking into the camera and getting their pictures taken, which is always a plus! Been great to watch them all grow up!

Thanks again guys for letting me do this for you!

The Demma family

We’ve know the Demma family for a long time now…but I hadn’t met any of the kids besides the older boy Korver. So it was awesome to get introduced to Glazier and Gianna. The entire family is a good-looking group, but you had to love these kids. The photo above was pretty much all them…in fact, they just kept sitting places, hugging each other, smiling for the camera and making my job a lot easier!

And you have to dig the smiling from Korver and Glazier…considering they both possess sizable gaps in their teeth despite being years apart! I believe that was due to Korver knocking one out of Glazier’s mouth during a rousing game of football. Ah…brothers.

Was awesome to hang out with these guys for a little bit in the Arizona desert and just amazing to see how this family has expanded and grown! Thanks so much guys for letting me snap some photos of you all!

The Williams family

A few months ago I decided to get in front of the camera for once. I needed some shots of me that I could use for my photography business, but we also needed to update our family photos. As I thought about who I would ask… I wanted someone that we would definitely feel comfortable with but also someone I really admired. Immediately Session Nine Photography came to mind. I just love, love, LOVE their work. I had met them at a First Friday event last year @ New City Gallery and they are amazing, fantastic people. So we booked a shoot with them and our photos came out just last week and are, in short, epic. I’ll be posting those at some point over here.

What blew my mind though, was a few weeks after booking with them, they asked ME to do their family photoshoot. I was so humbled…I mean, I love these guys, I get inspired by their images and couldn’t have been more excited to be able to do this for them.

So here they are…Jason, Jessica, Cruz (red hair) and Rider (some hair). What a crazy adorable family.  They told me they get asked all the time if they’ve adopted their kids, but it’s just the way they came out. And who could have asked for anything more? These two little men rocked the shoot, even though Rider started off with quick river of tears. But it definitely wouldn’t be a family shoot if there wasn’t some kind of crying involved!

Thanks so much guys for letting me do this for you. I don’t think you know what it meant to me. It’s been such a blast to hang out at these shoots and then bond over chips & queso afterwards. Hopefully we can hang out more down the road and maybe someplace other than Chili’s right?