Brandy and her cute family have been doing big store studio photo sessions ever since they had kid number one.  But last time out it didn’t go so well, so she wanted to try something different. She asked me to shoot her little boy’s 1-year photos, plus just general family pictures of her other two girls, Jayden and Lili.

I am obviously a huge fan of outdoor, lifestyle photography, so I couldn’t have been more excited to show this family how much fun you can have just walking around taking pictures.

We ventured down to one of the Rio Salado parks in south Phoenix and despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we had an amazing time. Little man Adrian was so adorable I think I took a billion photos solely of him and they are all awesome! The eldest, Jayden…well, she’s gonna be a model someday more than likely. I didn’t have to do much except point the camera and let her run with it.

Now little Lili…well, she had her own agenda. I believe she was making me prove myself…like, “if you can shoot me, you can shoot anyone!” I loved her. She has this quiet stubborness you don’t usually see in kids. They either cry or throw tantrums. But not Lili…she was just like, nope, not doing it!

Little did she know I got a bunch of shots of her anyways!

Had such a blast with this group and afterwards received one of the kindest emails ever. Thanks so much you guys for letting me do this for you and can’t wait to see you all again in the spring!

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