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What to Expect from a Storm-Chasing Wedding Photographer

When you hire me to photograph your wedding, you get a super relaxed guy who won’t get in the way, blends in with the guests and captures all the important moments. Portraits are a breeze, even for the most uncomfortable-in-front-of-a-camera person out there.

Half the weddings I work, there are no wedding planners, which means I’ve learned to become a de-facto-day-of-coordinator. I can help with your timeline as well, especially with figuring out the most ideal time for ceremony and sunset photos, which are my absolute favorite.

My main goal on a wedding day are for you to have fun and enjoy one of the most important days of your life, and let me do the work. I love epic light, sunsets and silhouette shots.

Rad dancing and people having a good time. Fun, fun, fun. Weddings should be a time of celebration and joy, and my hope is to capture your happiness, your laughter and your love of each other.

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Featured Wedding Gallery

Camille & Devon

A favorite recent wedding that took place at The Sanctuary on Camelback. Devon is a NFL Football player, Camille is his stunning bride, and their wedding was gorgeous from start to finish.

Featured Wedding Gallery

Bliss & Will

Intimate, colorful and full of joy… this backyard wedding in Paradise Valley featured a bride named Bliss with a stunning gown that was incredible in its uniqueness


Wedding Photography by Mike Olbinski

Weddings are an expensive event. There are a ton of different things you need. Venue. Dress. Flowers. Food. Alcohol. Photography. How on earth do you prioritize your budget? What’s the most important?

All of it is vital to a perfect day. But photography is the one thing that lasts besides your wedding dress in all honesty. I’ve been married over 23 years, the memories have mostly faded other than a few of the highlights, we had no video, I feel like a completely different person than I perhaps was at that time. And while I wish we had in fact invested more into photography, what we still have after all this time are the images.

Photos bring back memories. Emotions. They contain people who we love, we’ve laughed with, cried with and sadly, people who have passed away. Those images from family sessions and weddings where someone has moved on from this world are invaluable. I’ve experienced this over and over the last decade.

When you invest with me for your photography, you’ll get a guy who has seen it all, captured over 200 weddings, from Nicaragua to Montana, San Diego to Buffalo, and you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.

Engagement sessions are also an important aspect of weddings photography. I don’t always do them, but I find them awesome, relaxing and valuable for meeting you both and connecting in person before the big day.

If you are interested in connected with me to discuss this further, please click the Inquiry button below and drop me a note! I’d love to hear more about your day, what you have planned and what’s important to you. And to hear your story.

I’m available for travel anywhere!

Featured Wedding Gallery

Andrea and Brad

This was a special one for me personally, because it took place during late 2020 and the pandemic forced these two to have an elopement in Sedona. But it was beautiful, emotional and one of my all-time favorite weddings.

Featured Engagement Session

Hanna & JP

A stormy, rainy day didn’t stop these two from having a blast and embracing the elements. A mix of rain and portraits, what more could I ask for? Even their wedding in Montana a few months later featured a rainbow!

Engagement Sessions

Connecting before your wedding for an engagement session is one the best ways for us to get to know each other and do so in a fun, relaxing way. I always tell my couples to treat these sessions like they are out on a date…laugh, crack jokes and just be themselves. You get a fantastic set of images to use for save the dates, photo walls, guest books or even centerpieces, and at the same time, learn how I work, what kind of posing we’ll be doing on the wedding day and how easy it’s all going to be!

I’ve been told often by my couples that they hate being in front of the camera, or they aren’t photogenic, or they are nervous. However, after an hour of working together, the end result is always that it was a blast and it was way simpler than they assumed.

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