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Soundtracks are a passion of mine. I love them. Listening to them while chasing storms. The big science fiction films like Star Wars, The Arrival, Interstellar, Inception…the music is just so powerful to me. It creates a connection to the story that would otherwise be impossible.

The first time I married a few time-lapse clips to music, it was the after witnessing the stunning Booker Supercell in 2013. It was a sight that brought tears to my eyes, so I knew I needed to set it to a score that could potentially evoke the same emotional response that I had.

The video went viral within days and opened up a world of possibilities. Not only could I create my own stories and short videos, but I could also showcase my work for those interested in licensing clips.

Since then, I’ve released over a dozen films of my own, ranging from only a few minutes in length to over ten. Color. Black and white. Custom composed music. They’ve become a huge part of my life and business. Many of them have won awards in film festivals, been official selections and have been shown around the world on the big screen. I still remember the moment I watched one of my Monsoon movies in a Sedona theater with 700 other people. It was terrifying and amazing.

These movies represent much of why I got into chasing in the first place. A desire to share the weather with others, somehow, some way.

I hope you enjoy these films. All clips are available for licensing. Please contact me using the form below or email me here: [email protected].

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