Arizona Monsoon Storm Chaser

When you’ve lived in Arizona your whole life, you learn to appreciate unusual things like clouds, rain…and weather in general. Especially in the summers when it’s so hot out for months on end, you welcome the cool breezes after a monsoon thunderstorm. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with weather. I used to watch lightning out my window with my brother when we were little. I have pictures of clouds I took while in high school.

And now I chase storms.

The summers in Arizona bring the monsoon thunderstorms, and they are a blast to chase. We get amazing clouds, awesome dust storms and serious amounts of lightning. I have an extensive gallery of storm imagery from around the state, as well as time-lapse photography which has become a true passion of mine.

I’ve also self-published three volumes of my annual storm chasing adventures throughout Arizona. My work has been published nationally and internationally, seen in Arizona Highways, magazines around the world, weather calendars, movies, documentaries, commercials and television shows.

Central Plains

Yes, that’s me above on an amazing chase day out in Texas in the late spring of 2014. Once you chase in Arizona for a few years, the logical next step is to test your mettle out on the Central Plains where big supercell thunderstorms roll across open prairies and rolling hills. I’ve been venturing out there for five years now and every spring seems to produce better and better results. There is an adventure out there that can’t be explained. I love my time spent barely sleeping, or eating and just being either by myself on the open road or with a few buddies along for the ride.

My goals out there are the same as they are here: Capture beautiful storms on time-lapse and also still imagery. I’ve had some great success, including a time-lapse of the incredible supercell near Booker, Texas, which ended up being used in Thor: The Dark World.

Follow Along

During the spring and summer, when I’m out chasing storms, you can follow along in a variety of ways. Links to the left below the menu bar will get you to Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook. I update Twitter constantly while out chasing with news, storm alerts, photos and whatever else might come to mind! Instagram is a great way to follow my latest storm work, as well as here on the blog.

I also live stream my chases on the plains and here in Arizona when I can. This is a fun way to sorta “ride along” with me and my kids (during the summers) along on a chase, to see what we see, maybe even catch a few awesome storms, lightning and gorgeous sunsets. Click right here or bookmark my Live Stream page to see all the action.


The gallery below is a good sampling of my favorite storm images. You can always visit my online gallery to view more and even purchase prints. If you are interested in licensing any images, please contact me.