The Kruckenberg family

Photographing the Kruckenberg fam is always a treat because…well, look at ’em. Nothing but cuteness everywhere. Yeah, even Brian, whatever, I said it.

We’ve known this family for a long time now. Brian is the pastor at the church we attend called New City in downtown Phoenix. In fact, a large part of the reason we live downtown in the first place was to help that church get going. It’s been awesome to watch what is happening with it and how it’s growing.

They’ve been huge in our lives and we love them to pieces.

Tuesday evening we hooked up near Lola’s Coffee on Roosevelt and 3rd Avenue to snap their annual family photos. I absolutely love this little area of downtown Phoenix. Awesome sidewalks, cute side streets…and lots of brick. Brian had a great idea to take some images standing in the middle of Portland Street (the one with all the palm trees) and that was super awesome.

Lately if I haven’t laid down in the middle of a street to shoot photos of someone, it doesn’t feel like a normal session. Of course, one of these days my clients will fail to alert me of an approaching car and that will be the end of all that!

We even ended up on the roof of the church offices…which was just fun in of itself…I mean, who doesn’t like walking around on the roof of a house?

Thanks Krucks for letting me do this for you guys again…I love seeing your family change from year to year!

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  1. Jon Stolarski
    Jon Stolarski says:

    Great series yet again Mike, you keep knocking these out of the park! I got to talk to Brian a bit the last time I made it out to FF. Seemed like a great guy, and what a beautiful family he has.

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