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From my first Monsoon workshop back in 2014, to a trial run of a Tornado Chase tour in 2015, all the way to the present, teaching people about weather and showing them the power of storms, has been one of my favorite things to do.

The gasps, the tears, the euphoria and the enjoyment I see in the faces of those who witness lightning, tornadoes and supercells maybe for the first time, is so fulfilling to me personally. 

I offer a variety of workshops and tours, which you can see below. The Monsoon workshops are more relaxed, focused on learning and also chasing.

The Plains Tours are all about chasing and photography. You are along for the ride on those. I also offer Flex Workshops as well during the summer and you can read about those below.

Virtual Workshops evolved out of the pandemic and became a favorite for people. We schedule those whenever it works for both and are customized to your needs.

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