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The best storm time-lapses anywhere

When I first picked up a camera and wanted to capture a photo of lightning, it was purely out of passion. The moment I decided to try my hand at time-lapsing, it was nothing but a desire to see what a dust storm looked like sped up rolling over Phoenix.

Now, over a decade later, my photos have been licensed and published across the world, won awards and have been used in advertisements, galleries and billboards.

However, it’s my time-lapse footage that is the most sought-after aspect of what I do. The list of clients you see here are just a few of the biggest names who have licensed my work over the last decade. There are hundreds more and even to this day, I’m humbled, honored and incredibly grateful to the productions out there that want to use my work.

Over 8K Resolution

Nearly all my time-lapse footage is over 8K resolution, delivered in whatever method you need, generally Apple ProRes 422HQ. The high-quality gives you incredible versatility in almost any project you have, even large formats like IMAX.

The different ways my footage has been integrated into various projects has been amazing to see. Backgrounds for theater and concerts. Five motion pictures, including Thor 2. Most of the major recent landmark nature series, like Planet Earth, Seven Worlds, North America and One Strange Rock. Music videos by Blake Shelton and Pearl Jam. Documentaries. National TV commercials for most major car manufacturers, large insurance companies and many, many others. 4K and 8K video for TV displays in store showrooms. TV shows on Netflix, The Weather Channel and HBO Max. Video game companies. Background graphics for the in-stadium starting lineup video for the Arizona Cardinals.

Let’s work together!

Whatever your project or idea, I’d love to chat with you about it, discuss your budget and footage requirements and get to work! I turnaround your footage requests very quickly, especially for those last-minute projects that come my way.

You can view all my time-lapse work right here. Contact me for licensing or you can also go through FilmSupply below!

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FILMSUPPLY is a full-service licensing agency that partners with leading filmmakers to bring cinematic footage for your projects through a highly curated catalog. Explore and license a wide range of Mike Olbinski’s time-lapse and storm footage at FilmSupply.

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