The Tinder and Giesinger families | Lifestyle

John Tinder looked me up a few weeks ago as his group of four had just moved to Arizona this past summer. Not only did he want photos for his crew, but also his wife’s sister and her family.

My own wife’s family live in east Texas and also Memphis, and I know how awesome it would be to live close to them. When the Tinder’s moved out here, they found a house right down the street from Shannon’s sister. I know from talking to them that they are having such an amazing time now that all four kids get to play and grow up together. Such a blessing.

Had such a fun time hanging out with everyone. I mean…the kiddies are stinkin’ adorable beyond words. Too. Much. Fun.

Good luck in the next year guys and thank your for inviting me out!

The Carusone family | Lifestyle

This is the second year I’ve been able to take pics of the Carusone family…they are such a great group and we had a blast wandering around downtown Phoenix just over a week ago.

Wishing them the best of luck in the next year!

The Dewey family | Lifestyle

Char works for the National Weather Service in Phoenix and I don’t know how she got lucky enough to marry a guy with the last name “Dewey” but that’s awesome in my nerdy weather book!

I’ve never met Char in person before, but we usually tweet back and forth all summer about weather, storm chasing and all that good monsoon stuff. I love all the people at the Phoenix NWS and she’s just one of those that rocks and does such an awesome job all summer long. I truly appreciate all the hard work they do there.

And she has such a beautiful little family. Hubby Josh and their little boy Jackson. I couldn’t get over this little dude. He just kept staring at the camera and pretty much let me take whatever picture I wanted! And his little expressions were priceless. Well, you’ll see them…especially the ones where he’s on dad’s shoulders pulling his hair out. Been there man.

Great finally meeting you guys!

The Clingman’s | Lifestyle

Bryan and I used to work together. Many years ago. Too many inside jokes come to mind, most of them are at my expense, so I’ll keep ’em to myself!

I used to play Starcraft with Bryan, along with our entire office, at the end of each day on our office LAN, and then later in the night until the wee hours of the morning. We were obsessed. But for Bryan all of this took place during his “daytime” hours, because he worked mostly at night when the rest of us slept.

I always wondered how Bryan would find a wife if he was never awake when the girls were but he totally did. And he done good. He married a beautiful lady named Jingdong, who has a seriously, beyond cute daughter named Emma (her smile is insane!), and then they ended up having little man Evan just over a year and a half ago.

Honestly so thrilled for Bryan…a seriously fun group, we wandered around downtown Gilbert, waded between the hundreds of homecoming kids, and took some pictures.

Had a blast guys, thanks for letting me do this for you!


I just had to post this shot of Evan. I was shooting his family walking towards me on the tracks and of course I was laying on the ground.

So as he gets closer and sees me, he just slowly gets on the ground himself and gives me the biggest smile ever.

Loved this moment!

Tim, Dana and River | Lifestyle

It’s so weird how quickly things can change. Over a year ago my wife and I started the adoption process and ended up being certified in a group of other couples looking to grow their families. We met Tim and Dana in that class and really got to know them better as the months went on.

Now zoom to the present and they are two of our closest friends AND we both have babies we’ve adopted! I mean…you just have no idea where life will lead you.

We love these guys to pieces. Being able to tag along their journey to adopt River was amazing. Just looking at their beaming smiles the first time we saw all three together was so heartwarming. And now…River is like seven months old and turning into the cutest little girl imaginable. Her eyes are super delicious and the camera loves them.

Had fun hanging with these guys last week and cannot wait to see how little River continues to grow up! She’s crazy beautiful guys and I’m so happy for you!

Two frames | Lifestyle

My camera has been busy the last few days and I’ve barely had time to think. Here are two frames from a couple of lifestyle sessions.

Dee and Terra | Lifestyle | Casa Grande

Dee recently turned 90 years old. You can see a younger version of her in the first photo below…which is one of the reasons why she loves her granddaughter Terra so much. They totally look alike.

Of course…there are many other reasons…mainly Dee was a mother to Terra while she was growing up, an amazingly sweet story. Dee was one of 13 children (holy crap!) and had five sons of her own (you’ll see a picture of them further down). Terra lives in Seattle and flew out to Phoenix to visit her grandma and to get some photos taken of her for her dad and uncles.

We took a little walk around Dee’s neighborhood, got some pictures in the middle of a HABOOB and then played Skipbo for a bit (Dee is known as the Skipbo Queen and we could see why after a few minutes. She’s awesome). Had such a blast hanging with these two…they were incredibly sweet and you could tell how much they loved each other. I feel honored to have met them both and get a taste of their stories.


Here is where Dee makes her mean face…but she can’t keep it up for long 🙂


Dee and Terra | Lifestyle | Sneak Peek

Terra lives up in Seattle, but flew down to visit her grandma and get some pictures taken with her. Hanging with them for just an hour was such a treat…the stories that Dee had to tell were hilarious.

Oh, and we had a haboob roll through during our shoot. Always fun. More to come.

Kennedy | First Birthday | Lifestyle

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this family last Sunday, which also happened to be Kennedy’s very first birthday. Her parents Alicia and Eric had planned a special day and it started off with a portrait session in downtown Phoenix and finished with an adorable birthday party in a park later that morning.

Kennedy was a doll the entire time and we had a blast. She just started taking steps, so it was fun to capture a few wobbly moments. I have to give mad props to Alicia for a beautifully done party…the details, the food, the deserts…the little area for other kids to make sunglasses…was all super impressive. She even made a cute little fabric skirt for Kennedy.

Thanks so much for letting me do this for you guys! Had awesome time being able to celebrate with you all. A very happy birthday to Kennedy!