Kennedy | Sneak Peek | Lifestyle

It was Kennedy’s first birthday yesterday…and we did a little photoshoot in the morning before cake and presents later on. Here’s two from downtown Phoenix…more to come!

(She just started walking a teeny bit…still wobbly!)

Sanchez Family | Lifestyle

I first met the Sanchez clan back last fall when we got together for some family photos. I’ve photographed some way cute kids and these guys are at the top of the list. Little Adrian, quiet Lili and the eldest, Jayden. All of them…super adorable.

I was shocked seeing the little man with his crazy head of hair. He had a fauxhawk back last fall and I almost didn’t recognize him! Not to mention how much he’s grown. Dude makes you laugh all the time.

The two girls were pretty much the same. Lili has this quiet stubbornness about her. You have to be sneaky to snap photos of her and I think we pulled it off yet again. And Jayden is just easy. I think she already understands posing and how to get a good photograph, so I don’t even have to try with her!

We did the shoot out at the Desert Botanical Gardens, where the girls dressed up as butterfly’s for the last day of the Butterfly Exhibit. Afterwards, we just wandered around, played in water, looked at flowers and snapped photos of course! It was a tad on the warm side, but I had a great time and we even saw a pretty crazy lizard at the very end, so obviously it was worth it 🙂

Thanks for bringing me along guys, I’m sure we’ll see each other again down the road!

Happy Birthday | Lifestyle

Jayden turns six in two days…an early happy birthday to her! From a family shoot on Sunday.

Sarah | Senior Portraits

I’ve been impressed lately with the graduating seniors I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this spring. So much talent. Like Sarah here. Plays the violin. Rocking ballet dancer. Full ride to the University of Arizona. Although her dream school is Scripps College in California. Good choice anyways, who wants to live in Tucson right?

Sarah is friends with Brianna, another senior I met earlier this year. She brought along her freshman sister Madeline, and you could just feel how close they are to each other. I couldn’t even get them to confess to being normal siblings and annoying each other. That just doesn’t happen with these two…a lot of love shared between them.

I wish Sarah the best of luck wherever she lands. I know she’s going to do some amazing things down the road. And to Madeline…you have a few years left, but keep rocking that cello! You’ll be graduating before you know it!

Two | Senior Portraits

Here’s two images from last night’s senior shoot with Sarah! An amazing young lady, super smart, bound for great things.


Brian & Laura | Engagement

I knew photographing the Superstition Mountains a lot would eventually pay off! Brian and Laura are an amazing couple getting getting married on October 27th. They met online, which appears to be how the entire dating world is trending these days, and they are having their wedding at the Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. They found me by searching for “superstition mountain wedding photographer” and up I popped.

You gotta love that.

And I love these guys. So fun, laid back and really excited about their wedding. Even Brian. Although his buddy said he had to turn in his man card (something I’ve in fact done multiple times) for it, Brian is having a great time being involved in all the planning. We hung out and had a few drinks before the shoot, and talked about the venue and just got to know each other better!

We started off in downtown Phoenix but ended up in a nature preserve to finish off the evening. It was amazing fun to find something different that didn’t necessarily look like Phoenix. The fading light at sunset was simply gorgeous and I couldn’t have been more excited about what we ended up with.

Thanks so much guys for having me shoot your wedding and being such awesome clients. Cannot wait for October!

The McClune family | Lifestyle

I know I’ve said this in the past, but I absolutely love watching families grow through the eye of my camera. Annual photos at Christmas. A new baby joining the mix. Meeting the relatives. All of it is so much fun for me.

Now one of my favorite families are the McClunes (yes, I do have a lot of favs!). This past Christmas I took some pictures of April, Mark, Greer and their dog Merton in Chandler, but on Monday I got to meet the rest of Mark’s side. The parents, the brother, his wife and the nephews. They live in Texas, but were in town visiting and so they wanted some photos taken.

What an amazing, fun family to hang out with for an hour. Sure, little boys are always stubborn, they never want to sit where you want them to…but you remedy that by handing them your giant 5D Mark II and teach them to take pictures. Suddenly they’re your best friend! You can see Greer’s shot of me over on my Facebook page. We’re still working on his technique.

Of course, it’s the moments where they aren’t sitting, but instead jumping off of ledges, or being tickled by daddy, where you really see who they are. Just boys who want to have fun.

Collin and Greer are the older kiddies, but Drew kind of stole the show with his simple love of smiling and exploring grass. Oh, and those killer blue eyes.

I could ramble on about this group, but needless to say I had a great time and they were just ultra kind and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys for inviting me out, it was great meeting everyone and I hope to see you all down the road again someday soon!

Brianna | Senior Portraits

It’s been a long time since I was in high school. A long time. In fact, the big two-decade reunion is coming up next year. Yikes. Feels like so long ago.

For Brianna though, it’s her final year and the sky is the limit. She loves playing guitar and may attend a college here in town or in California, perhaps the San Francisco area. She doesn’t know yet, which is half the fun of being in her position. Nothing is written, you get to find your path.

She showed up for her session with family in tow…older sister down from Flagstaff just for the pictures, her brother the Dbacks-Red Sox fan and both parents, the dad of which kind of resembled Steve Jobs. You can decide for yourself further down.

Loved hanging out with these guys for awhile. They were a ton of fun and you could tell how much they loved each other.

I wish you all the best of luck going forward! Especially Brianna and this awesome new chapter of your life. Thank you guys!

Two frames | Senior portraits

I met up with graduating senior Brianna and her family on Friday. Here’s two.

The Hirsch family | Lifestyle

It’s not often I get to hang out with a guy from the National Weather Service, so this shoot was especially fun for me. Matt works at the Phoenix office and I didn’t get to meet him when I had a brief tour during the summer. So it was awesome to chill out with him, Keren, Julian and Emma! No, we didn’t talk about the weather the ENTIRE time, but there was definitely some pretty nerdy moments going on.

Emma just recently started sitting up, so Keren wanted to get some family photos. Emma is also quite skilled at cute pigtails and eating toy giraffes.

Julia can feed ducks and throw bread into a lake like no other, plus he’s pretty awesome at teeball.

Thanks so much for letting me walk around with you guys and grab some pictures. You have a wonderful family!