A few months ago I decided to get in front of the camera for once. I needed some shots of me that I could use for my photography business, but we also needed to update our family photos. As I thought about who I would ask… I wanted someone that we would definitely feel comfortable with but also someone I really admired. Immediately Session Nine Photography came to mind. I just love, love, LOVE their work. I had met them at a First Friday event last year @ New City Gallery and they are amazing, fantastic people. So we booked a shoot with them and our photos came out just last week and are, in short, epic. I’ll be posting those at some point over here.

What blew my mind though, was a few weeks after booking with them, they asked ME to do their family photoshoot. I was so humbled…I mean, I love these guys, I get inspired by their images and couldn’t have been more excited to be able to do this for them.

So here they are…Jason, Jessica, Cruz (red hair) and Rider (some hair). What a crazy adorable family.  They told me they get asked all the time if they’ve adopted their kids, but it’s just the way they came out. And who could have asked for anything more? These two little men rocked the shoot, even though Rider started off with quick river of tears. But it definitely wouldn’t be a family shoot if there wasn’t some kind of crying involved!

Thanks so much guys for letting me do this for you. I don’t think you know what it meant to me. It’s been such a blast to hang out at these shoots and then bond over chips & queso afterwards. Hopefully we can hang out more down the road and maybe someplace other than Chili’s right?

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