I first met the Sanchez clan back last fall when we got together for some family photos. I’ve photographed some way cute kids and these guys are at the top of the list. Little Adrian, quiet Lili and the eldest, Jayden. All of them…super adorable.

I was shocked seeing the little man with his crazy head of hair. He had a fauxhawk back last fall and I almost didn’t recognize him! Not to mention how much he’s grown. Dude makes you laugh all the time.

The two girls were pretty much the same. Lili has this quiet stubbornness about her. You have to be sneaky to snap photos of her and I think we pulled it off yet again. And Jayden is just easy. I think she already understands posing and how to get a good photograph, so I don’t even have to try with her!

We did the shoot out at the Desert Botanical Gardens, where the girls dressed up as butterfly’s for the last day of the Butterfly Exhibit. Afterwards, we just wandered around, played in water, looked at flowers and snapped photos of course! It was a tad on the warm side, but I had a great time and we even saw a pretty crazy lizard at the very end, so obviously it was worth it 🙂

Thanks for bringing me along guys, I’m sure we’ll see each other again down the road!

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