I knew photographing the Superstition Mountains a lot would eventually pay off! Brian and Laura are an amazing couple getting getting married on October 27th. They met online, which appears to be how the entire dating world is trending these days, and they are having their wedding at the Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. They found me by searching for “superstition mountain wedding photographer” and up I popped.

You gotta love that.

And I love these guys. So fun, laid back and really excited about their wedding. Even Brian. Although his buddy said he had to turn in his man card (something I’ve in fact done multiple times) for it, Brian is having a great time being involved in all the planning. We hung out and had a few drinks before the shoot, and talked about the venue and just got to know each other better!

We started off in downtown Phoenix but ended up in a nature preserve to finish off the evening. It was amazing fun to find something different that didn’t necessarily look like Phoenix. The fading light at sunset was simply gorgeous and I couldn’t have been more excited about what we ended up with.

Thanks so much guys for having me shoot your wedding and being such awesome clients. Cannot wait for October!

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