I’ve been impressed lately with the graduating seniors I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this spring. So much talent. Like Sarah here. Plays the violin. Rocking ballet dancer. Full ride to the University of Arizona. Although her dream school is Scripps College in California. Good choice anyways, who wants to live in Tucson right?

Sarah is friends with Brianna, another senior I met earlier this year. She brought along her freshman sister Madeline, and you could just feel how close they are to each other. I couldn’t even get them to confess to being normal siblings and annoying each other. That just doesn’t happen with these two…a lot of love shared between them.

I wish Sarah the best of luck wherever she lands. I know she’s going to do some amazing things down the road. And to Madeline…you have a few years left, but keep rocking that cello! You’ll be graduating before you know it!

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