Dee recently turned 90 years old. You can see a younger version of her in the first photo below…which is one of the reasons why she loves her granddaughter Terra so much. They totally look alike.

Of course…there are many other reasons…mainly Dee was a mother to Terra while she was growing up, an amazingly sweet story. Dee was one of 13 children (holy crap!) and had five sons of her own (you’ll see a picture of them further down). Terra lives in Seattle and flew out to Phoenix to visit her grandma and to get some photos taken of her for her dad and uncles.

We took a little walk around Dee’s neighborhood, got some pictures in the middle of a HABOOB and then played Skipbo for a bit (Dee is known as the Skipbo Queen and we could see why after a few minutes. She’s awesome). Had such a blast hanging with these two…they were incredibly sweet and you could tell how much they loved each other. I feel honored to have met them both and get a taste of their stories.


Here is where Dee makes her mean face…but she can’t keep it up for long 🙂


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