It’s so weird how quickly things can change. Over a year ago my wife and I started the adoption process and ended up being certified in a group of other couples looking to grow their families. We met Tim and Dana in that class and really got to know them better as the months went on.

Now zoom to the present and they are two of our closest friends AND we both have babies we’ve adopted! I mean…you just have no idea where life will lead you.

We love these guys to pieces. Being able to tag along their journey to adopt River was amazing. Just looking at their beaming smiles the first time we saw all three together was so heartwarming. And now…River is like seven months old and turning into the cutest little girl imaginable. Her eyes are super delicious and the camera loves them.

Had fun hanging with these guys last week and cannot wait to see how little River continues to grow up! She’s crazy beautiful guys and I’m so happy for you!

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