Bryan and I used to work together. Many years ago. Too many inside jokes come to mind, most of them are at my expense, so I’ll keep ’em to myself!

I used to play Starcraft with Bryan, along with our entire office, at the end of each day on our office LAN, and then later in the night until the wee hours of the morning. We were obsessed. But for Bryan all of this took place during his “daytime” hours, because he worked mostly at night when the rest of us slept.

I always wondered how Bryan would find a wife if he was never awake when the girls were but he totally did. And he done good. He married a beautiful lady named Jingdong, who has a seriously, beyond cute daughter named Emma (her smile is insane!), and then they ended up having little man Evan just over a year and a half ago.

Honestly so thrilled for Bryan…a seriously fun group, we wandered around downtown Gilbert, waded between the hundreds of homecoming kids, and took some pictures.

Had a blast guys, thanks for letting me do this for you!

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