I met Rachel over a year ago at a showing she did at our New City Studio gallery for First Friday. She had some killer images of children from Uganda, taken when she was volunteering with Food for the Hungry. We’ve stayed in touch as she continues to learn more and more about photography and hopes to eventually start her own business.

Along the way she mentioned something about this boy Scott and the fact they might get married. I was like…that’s awesome! So when is the wedding? She said they weren’t engaged yet, she’d let me know. So I kept asking…”When is the wedding??” every few weeks (or months?) until one day  it finally happened. He asked her and the big day is April 28th.

First things first though…engagement photos. Scott is a pilot, loves airplanes…so what better setting than the Pima Air Museum down southeast of Tucson? I’d never been there, but I was pumped. If you look at Google Maps of the museum itself, plus the surrounding areas, it’s amazing. There are boneyards all over the place.  Tons and tons of airplanes. The museum itself keeps them looking beautiful (minus windows), and it was absolutely amazing walking around in the land of these giant machines.

Scott was a walking encyclopedia though. From growing up with his dad and brother, he pretty much knew every single plane there without having to think longer than a few seconds. It was fun to see.

We had just over an hour to walk around and try to find some cool spots for photos, and then they literally kicked us out at 5pm. So we hit some nearby railroad tracks to soak up the last gasp of that beautiful Arizona sun.

Finally, we returned to outside the museum’s air field to get some sunset shots with the planes in the background. Little would you guess that in the final photo they are standing in a median and I’m laying down on a fairly busy highway. That’s how we roll though.

Thanks to Rachel and Scott for letting me do this for you and inviting me to hang on your big wedding day. And also for dragging me down to Tucson for an epic shoot at an awesome spot. You guys rock! Can’t wait for April to get here!

This is Scott’s sexy face

Boots are so in this fall

This was just a huge plane

OMG, the light, the pose…these guys were smokin’

I think Scott wanted to take this one home


Probably my favorite shot of the day below

They said they were watching for cars as I lay in the street, but I think they were just making out

equipment used:
– canon 5d mark ii
– canon 35mm 1.4 l
– canon 70-200 2.8 is l
– canon 580ex ii
– shoot-through umbrella + lightstand
– cybersync trans/receiver

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