Dee and Terra | Lifestyle | Casa Grande

Dee recently turned 90 years old. You can see a younger version of her in the first photo below…which is one of the reasons why she loves her granddaughter Terra so much. They totally look alike.

Of course…there are many other reasons…mainly Dee was a mother to Terra while she was growing up, an amazingly sweet story. Dee was one of 13 children (holy crap!) and had five sons of her own (you’ll see a picture of them further down). Terra lives in Seattle and flew out to Phoenix to visit her grandma and to get some photos taken of her for her dad and uncles.

We took a little walk around Dee’s neighborhood, got some pictures in the middle of a HABOOB and then played Skipbo for a bit (Dee is known as the Skipbo Queen and we could see why after a few minutes. She’s awesome). Had such a blast hanging with these two…they were incredibly sweet and you could tell how much they loved each other. I feel honored to have met them both and get a taste of their stories.


Here is where Dee makes her mean face…but she can’t keep it up for long 🙂


Dee and Terra | Lifestyle | Sneak Peek

Terra lives up in Seattle, but flew down to visit her grandma and get some pictures taken with her. Hanging with them for just an hour was such a treat…the stories that Dee had to tell were hilarious.

Oh, and we had a haboob roll through during our shoot. Always fun. More to come.

Caroline | Newborn

The church I attend in downtown Phoenix is seriously spitting out the babies lately. We’ve already had quite a few this year (including adopting our own tubby little boy), and there are more on the way!

One of the newcomers was little Caroline, born to first-time parents Cody and Jessica. They live in a sweet loft  only a few miles from where I live and it has a sick view of the city. In fact, I’ve been invited to call them “anytime” if I want to sit on the balcony to timelapse a dust storm or shoot some lightning. I may just hold them to that reaaaaaal soon!

I spent a few hours with this adorable family last Wednesday. They have an unbelievably cute dog named Max who is still a bit unsure about this baby and what all the fuss is about. He co-operated on a few posed shot, so we thank him for that. We decided to take Caroline on her first walk outside the building and despite the sweltering heat, we had a great time. It was fun returning to the lobby and having a handful of maintenance staff/property managers all want to get their first glimpse at Caroline.

The little lady had multiple outfit changes and slept most of the time. But she did finally wake up, made all kinds of cute and crazy faces…crying, sneezing, smiling…you name it. I hope these photos capture just how beautiful she is…and how much Cody and Jessica love her. They were beaming the entire time.

Thanks so much guys for letting me capture these early moments in Caroline’s life…meant so much to me! Can’t wait to watch her grow up.

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Pete + Julia | Engagement

If you’ve ever done an engagement shoot before, you’ll know that sometimes you want your couples to just go ahead and stop smiling for a minute or two so we can get some smoldering, sexy portrait images. Sometimes it’s easy for them, sometimes it isn’t.

For Pete and Julia…it was tough. Because they were so excited to do this shoot, and they are so pumped to get married…how could anyone possibly ask them to stop smiling? I tried and failed and I LOVE what we ended up with. They were so great.

Because of the ridiculously hot temperatures in Phoenix this time of year, I suggested we go up to Prescott and shoot around the historic downtown area and then head out to Watson Lake for sunset. We planned a meetup at The Raven, but they were closed on Sundays, so we hit The Office instead, had a couple of local brews, talked about the wedding, work, 4Runners and then headed out to take some pics.

Serious fun was had by all. Even got them to step in the lake at the end. Can’t wait for their wedding in November at the Phoenix Art Museum…it’s going to be sick.

Kennedy | First Birthday | Lifestyle

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this family last Sunday, which also happened to be Kennedy’s very first birthday. Her parents Alicia and Eric had planned a special day and it started off with a portrait session in downtown Phoenix and finished with an adorable birthday party in a park later that morning.

Kennedy was a doll the entire time and we had a blast. She just started taking steps, so it was fun to capture a few wobbly moments. I have to give mad props to Alicia for a beautifully done party…the details, the food, the deserts…the little area for other kids to make sunglasses…was all super impressive. She even made a cute little fabric skirt for Kennedy.

Thanks so much for letting me do this for you guys! Had awesome time being able to celebrate with you all. A very happy birthday to Kennedy!

Kennedy | Sneak Peek | Lifestyle

It was Kennedy’s first birthday yesterday…and we did a little photoshoot in the morning before cake and presents later on. Here’s two from downtown Phoenix…more to come!

(She just started walking a teeny bit…still wobbly!)

Eric and Eileen | Couple

Eric and Eileen have been together for a long time now and really wanted some pictures taken. I met them over a year ago at a downtown Phoenix photowalk, but we had around 30 people for that thing and I barely got to talk to them.

We met up in downtown Phoenix, along with their two doggies, Abby (bigger mutt) and Carlos (smaller Beagle). They got a little stir crazy with all the grass and people around, so we didn’t get them to sit still too long. They calmed down later and helped us explore some railroad tracks.

Oh and when ASU says no parking in their lots, they mean it! That was a random fun-fact just for you.

Major thanks guys for letting me snap some photos of the four of you! Love those dogs!

First look | Wedding

Amanda and Brandon…married yesterday. One frame.

Two | Senior Portraits

Here’s two images from last night’s senior shoot with Sarah! An amazing young lady, super smart, bound for great things.


Brian & Laura | Engagement

I knew photographing the Superstition Mountains a lot would eventually pay off! Brian and Laura are an amazing couple getting getting married on October 27th. They met online, which appears to be how the entire dating world is trending these days, and they are having their wedding at the Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. They found me by searching for “superstition mountain wedding photographer” and up I popped.

You gotta love that.

And I love these guys. So fun, laid back and really excited about their wedding. Even Brian. Although his buddy said he had to turn in his man card (something I’ve in fact done multiple times) for it, Brian is having a great time being involved in all the planning. We hung out and had a few drinks before the shoot, and talked about the venue and just got to know each other better!

We started off in downtown Phoenix but ended up in a nature preserve to finish off the evening. It was amazing fun to find something different that didn’t necessarily look like Phoenix. The fading light at sunset was simply gorgeous and I couldn’t have been more excited about what we ended up with.

Thanks so much guys for having me shoot your wedding and being such awesome clients. Cannot wait for October!