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The church I attend in downtown Phoenix is seriously spitting out the babies lately. We’ve already had quite a few this year (including adopting our own tubby little boy), and there are more on the way!

One of the newcomers was little Caroline, born to first-time parents Cody and Jessica. They live in a sweet loft  only a few miles from where I live and it has a sick view of the city. In fact, I’ve been invited to call them “anytime” if I want to sit on the balcony to timelapse a dust storm or shoot some lightning. I may just hold them to that reaaaaaal soon!

I spent a few hours with this adorable family last Wednesday. They have an unbelievably cute dog named Max who is still a bit unsure about this baby and what all the fuss is about. He co-operated on a few posed shot, so we thank him for that. We decided to take Caroline on her first walk outside the building and despite the sweltering heat, we had a great time. It was fun returning to the lobby and having a handful of maintenance staff/property managers all want to get their first glimpse at Caroline.

The little lady had multiple outfit changes and slept most of the time. But she did finally wake up, made all kinds of cute and crazy faces…crying, sneezing, smiling…you name it. I hope these photos capture just how beautiful she is…and how much Cody and Jessica love her. They were beaming the entire time.

Thanks so much guys for letting me capture these early moments in Caroline’s life…meant so much to me! Can’t wait to watch her grow up.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Really beautiful. Do you use fill flash on these? The window light is beautiful and you still have nice lighting to it’s other side. Fill? Either way, this sort of newborn shoot is so much more touching than the super posed babies. Nice work.

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