If you’ve ever done an engagement shoot before, you’ll know that sometimes you want your couples to just go ahead and stop smiling for a minute or two so we can get some smoldering, sexy portrait images. Sometimes it’s easy for them, sometimes it isn’t.

For Pete and Julia…it was tough. Because they were so excited to do this shoot, and they are so pumped to get married…how could anyone possibly ask them to stop smiling? I tried and failed and I LOVE what we ended up with. They were so great.

Because of the ridiculously hot temperatures in Phoenix this time of year, I suggested we go up to Prescott and shoot around the historic downtown area and then head out to Watson Lake for sunset. We planned a meetup at The Raven, but they were closed on Sundays, so we hit The Office instead, had a couple of local brews, talked about the wedding, work, 4Runners and then headed out to take some pics.

Serious fun was had by all. Even got them to step in the lake at the end. Can’t wait for their wedding in November at the Phoenix Art Museum…it’s going to be sick.

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