A few weeks ago there was a nice little severe event that happened in southern New Mexico. I had always told myself if there was a chance of good storms, maybe even a tornado, in New Mexico, I’d make the drive over. It’s only a bit over four hours to Lordsburg, so I figured why not?

Sadly, I’m not a forecaster and the storms started going nuts before noon. We got there just after 1pm and saw some great stuff, but things started dying out a little bit after 2:30. At least where we were.

I found a couple of spots to do some timelapsing, the first two clips above were of a severe warned storm and then after that is mostly just some cloud development and movement.

Planned to stay in a hotel that night, but since things ended early, my daughter and I headed back to Phoenix. A long day, many miles, but it was just nice to get out and see some weather!

Nothing earth-shattering in these timelapses, just some beautiful cloud motion, which I love.

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