A year ago, I never knew things like this even existed. Sure, I knew about adoption, but I had no clue about how involved the process was to do it. And even when we got certified and were all ready to adopt, I still hadn’t heard about that final court hearing and what an awesome moment it is in your life!

Adoptions aren’t always the same. Ours was through an attorney and we had a bit of a warning (albeit it only a few weeks) that Eli was on his way. For Ben and Alisha, they got a call one day from their agency to say there was a baby boy in Tucson that needed a home, were they interested?

Can you imagine one day your phone ringing and then a few hours later you are in a city 90 minutes away holding a baby that is suddenly your responsibility?

It’s such an amazing thing. It’s been so much fun seeing the couples from our adoption class get placed with babies. I was blessed to photograph Nathan in his first few weeks and last Thursday it was an honor to be there with the entire family to celebrate the last step in making him officially Ben and Alisha’s little boy.

This court hearing is in front of a judge who officially recognizes and finalizes the adoption. It’s such a blast because the entire family can come in, you grab pictures with the judge and it’s just a huge moment in this little guy’s life. Someday he’ll be able to see these photos and all the people who were there to love him and support him from the very beginning.

So happy for Ben, Alisha and Nathan….I know you guys are moving soon and I wish you all the best of luck! Thanks so much for letting me tag along to take some photos.

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