This was 2019

It’s a little late, but here’s my annual blog of my favorite photos from 2019. Bits from weddings, engagement sessions, family sessions, my own kiddos and family and of course, storms.

Hope you enjoy this look back!

One | Sarah & Evan | Engagement

A frame from yesterday’s engagement shoot with Sarah and Evan. They are getting hitched this coming April out in Ventura, California and I’m sooo excited!

Cassie & Jake | Engaged

Cassie & Jake…ASU alumni getting married next year. We met up for a drink at Pita Jungle before hitting downtown Phoenix. Super rad couple, wedding is going to be epic.

Here’s the pics.


One | Engagement | Jerome

Had about as much fun as you possibly could on this engagement shoot with Becki and Steve. They goofed off and ribbed each other like an old married couple. Guess that’s why they are perfect for each other.

From up in Jerome…more to come!

Julie + Aaron | Engagement | Jerome

When I first met Julie and Aaron and they said their wedding was in Jerome, I was already sold. But then you get to know these two and they are funny, warm and amazing people. Both are teachers and you can just tell how much they care for their students.

We met up in Jerome last Saturday for drinks at Quince and some photos around town. My wife even joined us and we all hung out for a bit before it was picture time.  It was a gorgeous day, monsoon storms had blown through, leaving it nice but slightly muggy out. It all added up to a beautiful sunset at the end of our time and we couldn’t ask for a better sky.

Their wedding will also be up in Jerome on October 6th, which is just a MONTH away now! My first of the fall and I cannot wait to document their story. The wedding is at the Surgeon’s House B&B and it looked like a a beautiful, intimate venue.

Thanks again for the drinks guys and the chili fries…hope you enjoy the images…especially the Wampa one 🙂

Sort of an inside joke, but Aaron is a huge Star Wars fan, has worked at quite a few toy stores…and no…it’s not JUST a snow monster on Empire Strikes Back…it’s a WAMPA!


Julie + Aaron | Engagement | Sneak Peek

Just one from Julie and Aaron’s engagement shoot up in Jerome on Saturday afternoon!

One | Julia & Pete | Engagement

Julia and Pete are getting married in November at the Phoenix Art Museum. We met up in Prescott yesterday for their engagement pictures. Beers to start and fun happened.

Here’s one.

Brian & Laura | Engagement

I knew photographing the Superstition Mountains a lot would eventually pay off! Brian and Laura are an amazing couple getting getting married on October 27th. They met online, which appears to be how the entire dating world is trending these days, and they are having their wedding at the Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. They found me by searching for “superstition mountain wedding photographer” and up I popped.

You gotta love that.

And I love these guys. So fun, laid back and really excited about their wedding. Even Brian. Although his buddy said he had to turn in his man card (something I’ve in fact done multiple times) for it, Brian is having a great time being involved in all the planning. We hung out and had a few drinks before the shoot, and talked about the venue and just got to know each other better!

We started off in downtown Phoenix but ended up in a nature preserve to finish off the evening. It was amazing fun to find something different that didn’t necessarily look like Phoenix. The fading light at sunset was simply gorgeous and I couldn’t have been more excited about what we ended up with.

Thanks so much guys for having me shoot your wedding and being such awesome clients. Cannot wait for October!

One frame | Engagement

Laura and Brian are getting married on October 27th. We took pictures yesterday afternoon after a beer and some margaritas.

Here’s one.

Phoenix Engagement Photographer

Chris + Gretchen | Engaged

Gretchen and Chris have almost been like good friends from the moment we met. Way back last year we sat down for the first time at Carly’s to talk about their wedding this coming May. A normal client meeting might last an hour, but we hung out for almost three and they showed me some amazing places downtown, like the Film Bar and the Roosevelt Tavern. Their knowledge of what is going on down there is extraordinary.

The wedding is going to be at The Icehouse and I honestly cannot wait for it. The place is sick. An old warehouse building with an open roof ceremony area. It’s going to be friggin’ great.

But before we ever get to that, they decided they wanted some photos taken in some of their favorite spots downtown. Starting off at Carly’s of course for a quick beer! Then we crossed the street to stand in front of a giant dude on a bicycle with flowers coming out of rear basket. It was only painted a few days before. Awesomeness.

We just explored some old hangouts of mine and some new places, like The Duce, where we stopped off for yes, another drink, and then continued on until we got that epic sunset sky that Arizona is so famous for.

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had during the shoot, and then grabbing a bite to eat afterwards at the Crescent Ballroom (yet another place I’d never been that they showed me!). These are just fantastic people and I’m so honored to be capturing their wedding on May 11th.

Thanks for dinner guys and thanks for an awesome time hanging out!