Gretchen and Chris have almost been like good friends from the moment we met. Way back last year we sat down for the first time at Carly’s to talk about their wedding this coming May. A normal client meeting might last an hour, but we hung out for almost three and they showed me some amazing places downtown, like the Film Bar and the Roosevelt Tavern. Their knowledge of what is going on down there is extraordinary.

The wedding is going to be at The Icehouse and I honestly cannot wait for it. The place is sick. An old warehouse building with an open roof ceremony area. It’s going to be friggin’ great.

But before we ever get to that, they decided they wanted some photos taken in some of their favorite spots downtown. Starting off at Carly’s of course for a quick beer! Then we crossed the street to stand in front of a giant dude on a bicycle with flowers coming out of rear basket. It was only painted a few days before. Awesomeness.

We just explored some old hangouts of mine and some new places, like The Duce, where we stopped off for yes, another drink, and then continued on until we got that epic sunset sky that Arizona is so famous for.

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had during the shoot, and then grabbing a bite to eat afterwards at the Crescent Ballroom (yet another place I’d never been that they showed me!). These are just fantastic people and I’m so honored to be capturing their wedding on May 11th.

Thanks for dinner guys and thanks for an awesome time hanging out!

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