Jessica + Mason | Engaged

Jessica and Mason are getting hitched in April and I cannot wait for the wedding. These two grew up in Denver and have known each other forever. A whole entourage of friends will be arriving from Colorado to celebrate with them, including 18 people in the wedding party!

And a party it will be. They’ve rented a vacation home up in Cave Creek where they and their friends will stay leading up to and even after the wedding.  Can’t even imagine how much fun that will be. The house is supposedly awesome, and if rumor is true, has an in-ground trampoline.

You know they’ll be pictures on that thing.

It’s awesome to see two people so close to completing an epic journey. Had such a fun time hanging with these two on Saturday, cannot wait for April 21st!

Jessica and Mason got engaged

Shooting Jessica and Mason’s wedding on April 21st. There’s going to be 20 people in the wedding party…so we warmed up on Saturday with just the two of them.

Rob and Anna | Wedding

Back in October I helped my good friend and photog extraordinaire Trevor Dayley shoot Rob and Anna’s wedding. I was so blessed to be a part of this event, not only because it was fantastic to hang out with Trevor for a few hours, but also the wedding itself was absolutely beautiful.

I always want to tell a story with my wedding posts, but since I was only helping Trevor for this one, I didn’t get to find out too much about Rob and Anna. I do know they constantly get asked how old they are since they both look very young. And Anna was the last of her 3-4 sisters to get married, which made Dad shed quite a few tears at the reception! I can’t imagine having that many daughters and seeing them all get married one by one. Just watching Father of the Bride these days results in me getting all weepy eyed.

This wedding was so gorgeous. Rob and Anna were awesome and looked amazing. Once we stepped into the backyard reception area, Trevor and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the details being set-up by Rust and Lace. It was almost a duel to see who was getting the better compositions (I won of course). I would HIGHLY recommend them for your own wedding. And then please invite me to shoot it for you. I could never grow tired of their vintage items and beautiful flower arrangements.

And hats off to DJ Matt Figueroa for doing a seriously cool job.

There was a lot of other fun stuff too…like the kids jumping on the trampoline…or one of the groomsmen jumping THROUGH the trampoline. Ah, you’ll see a bit later.

Thanks to Trevor for inviting me to help him (here is his blog post of the wedding), to Rob and Anna for being awesome and  to the entire family on both sides. Had such a fun time and I wish these two newlyweds the very best.

Rachel + Scott | Engaged

I met Rachel over a year ago at a showing she did at our New City Studio gallery for First Friday. She had some killer images of children from Uganda, taken when she was volunteering with Food for the Hungry. We’ve stayed in touch as she continues to learn more and more about photography and hopes to eventually start her own business.

Along the way she mentioned something about this boy Scott and the fact they might get married. I was like…that’s awesome! So when is the wedding? She said they weren’t engaged yet, she’d let me know. So I kept asking…”When is the wedding??” every few weeks (or months?) until one day  it finally happened. He asked her and the big day is April 28th.

First things first though…engagement photos. Scott is a pilot, loves airplanes…so what better setting than the Pima Air Museum down southeast of Tucson? I’d never been there, but I was pumped. If you look at Google Maps of the museum itself, plus the surrounding areas, it’s amazing. There are boneyards all over the place.  Tons and tons of airplanes. The museum itself keeps them looking beautiful (minus windows), and it was absolutely amazing walking around in the land of these giant machines.

Scott was a walking encyclopedia though. From growing up with his dad and brother, he pretty much knew every single plane there without having to think longer than a few seconds. It was fun to see.

We had just over an hour to walk around and try to find some cool spots for photos, and then they literally kicked us out at 5pm. So we hit some nearby railroad tracks to soak up the last gasp of that beautiful Arizona sun.

Finally, we returned to outside the museum’s air field to get some sunset shots with the planes in the background. Little would you guess that in the final photo they are standing in a median and I’m laying down on a fairly busy highway. That’s how we roll though.

Thanks to Rachel and Scott for letting me do this for you and inviting me to hang on your big wedding day. And also for dragging me down to Tucson for an epic shoot at an awesome spot. You guys rock! Can’t wait for April to get here!

This is Scott’s sexy face

Boots are so in this fall

This was just a huge plane

OMG, the light, the pose…these guys were smokin’

I think Scott wanted to take this one home


Probably my favorite shot of the day below

They said they were watching for cars as I lay in the street, but I think they were just making out

equipment used:
– canon 5d mark ii
– canon 35mm 1.4 l
– canon 70-200 2.8 is l
– canon 580ex ii
– shoot-through umbrella + lightstand
– cybersync trans/receiver

One shot – Rachel + Scott | Engagement

A single frame from Rachel and Scott’s engagement shoot down in Tucson at the Pima Air and Space Museum.

There were a lot of planes there.

And this cute couple.

Posted another sneak over on my Facebook fan page, check it out, become a fan.

More to come.

Chrystal + Patrick | Engagement

Chrystal and Patrick work with my mom…so I am pretty certain I never would have met these guys if it wasn’t for her. And that would have been a shame, because this couple is quickly turning into one of my all-time favorite clients! I mean, look at that photo above, how cute are they?

Of course, none of my love for them has to do with the fact that I get to shoot their wedding in Park City, Utah next August. I promise. Okay, maybe a little *smiley face*

(are you kidding me? Park City??? Soooo excited!)

Seriously though, these two are awesome. We’d met twice before for lunch and never ran out of stuff to talk about. They are both from the Pacific Northwest…he from Seattle, she from Portland. You can see their opposing school sunglasses in the photos below. Pat proposed to her up in Sedona not too long ago and did it on his own birthday which caught her totally by surprise!

We met up at The Mission in Scottsdale on Friday afternoon, one of their favorite hangouts, before moving on to downtown Phoenix. One word to the bartender that this was their engagement photoshoot and they each quickly had a shot of tequila in front of them to celebrate.  Such a great way to get the afternoon started!

These guys were a dream to shoot. They were excited and a bit nervous before we started, but I think the tequila made that evaporate. Halfway through Pat was ready to change careers to modeling, so I guess he was having fun! They rode bikes, jumped off front porches and made my job…well, not a job. It was cake.

Thank you guys for being amazing fun and I cannot wait for August! So happy for you both!

One shot – Chrystal and Patrick

Chrystal and Patrick are getting married in August and I cannot wait to shoot their Park City, Utah wedding!

We walked around on Friday night to get some engagement photos and were treated to a gorgeous Arizona sunset.

More to come!

Hepfinger and family

(Note: You can click on any picture to bring up a lightbox and then flip through all the photos in this blog post!)

Sona’s parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this past weekend and it was a huge party, with lots of friends and family coming in town. Suresh, Sona’s father, said he was making around 4-5 more trips to the airport that weekend to pick up people coming into town.

Sona, along with hubby Charlie (who looks an awful lot like that guy from that movie The Town) and daughter Amea, wanted to celebrate the event by getting some family portraits done. Her sister and brother-in-law Mike joined in on the fun.

Poor Mike had just flown in on a red-eye from Chicago and went STRAIGHT to the photoshoot after scarfing down some french toast. Luckily he slept a bit on the plane, but I think he was pretty tired.

We hit the jackpot with the conditions on Friday. The shoot had to be done in the late morning, and 10:3o isn’t the ideal time to do portraits out in the sun, but as luck would have it, the clouds moved in and we had overcast conditions the entire time.

Timing is everything. Even if I have no control over it!

Congrats to the happy couple for being married 40 years! You guys were all a pleasure to work with and it was awesome getting to hang out for a bit.

The Ross Family

I plowed through more of the Ross photos last night, mostly because it was sheer joy to process them. Complete and total fun. I think I may have to pigeonhole myself as a downtown Phoenix, urban portrait photographer and that’s all I do. I just love, love, love the backdrops, the train tracks, the bricks, the grunge, the chain link fences, the broken windows, the dirty pavement…all of it.

Oh, and the Ross family of course *grin*

Now, I’m only kidding, I will and do love shooting in a variety of locations, but I hope more people ask to do shoots downtown…there is something amazing about walking and photographing in the midst of the city. On top of it…there is an almost endless supply of locations.

These photos of the Ross band…are some of my favorite ever. They were simply amazing to work with. At the end of the shoot, both David and Heather had extremely kind words about my website and the way it presents both me and my work. That has really stuck with me since then and I appreciate you guys so much for taking the time to let me know what you thought.

For Erin and Alex..the last two pictures are for you guys…I put a little bit of extra time into them.

Thanks so much you guys…truly was a moving experience for me and I hope you enjoy the moments we captured.

Sneak Peek: The Ross family

I’ve been on a ton of photoshoots this fall, but this had to be one of the most fun and entertaining. I posted on Twitter earlier tonight that I thought I should be paying THEM for the shoot, not vice versa, but of course I took the money *grin*

This is a family of guitar players and it demanded a lot of candid shots. Yeah, we did the posed shots in a bunch of places, but we also tried some other things. They would play a little bit, I would walk around from different angles taking shots…the kind of photos I love to take. Towards the end of the session, David and Heather did a little duet together as they sat in an old doorway in a grungy part of downtown Phoenix (last photo below). Both are amazing musicians (they all are really, Alex was a member of The  Maine for a little bit!) and listening to them sing together while trying to take pictures was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had doing this.

And to top it all off, we visited three different locations downtown and I have to say, I’ve fallen head over heels for the urban areas of Phoenix. The shot above and immediately below were taken at a location I’ve been DYING to visit for a photoshoot and it turned out perfect.

This is just a sneak peek at an almost two-hour shoot…I rushed home and had to process a few of my favorites…will post more in a few days.