The Somers’ newborn session

A few years ago I photographed Lynnette and Jeff’s beautiful backyard wedding…and this past December they welcomed into the world their first child.

Nothing is more fun for me to than to be able to see my couples grow their families. What a treat!
















































Elle | Newborn

My wife and I have been friends with Ryan and Alex forever. I probably first met Ryan when he was in junior high and attending the same church I went to with Jina (my girlfriend then, wife now). In fact, both of us were youth group leaders, so Ryan was just one of the kids we mentored and hung out with all the time.

Then one day he was like suddenly old and getting married to a wonderful girl named Alex (she’s the fashionista behind AVE Styles). It’s so weird when you see these kids all grown up and getting hitched.

And NOW…they had their first baby. Noelle, or Elle for short. A gorgeous little girl, I couldn’t have been more happy to come over for a bit and take some photos of her the other day. She was around three weeks old at this time, Ryan couldn’t get away from work, so we just got some shots of mom, Elle, the baby’s room and of course…that cutest dog ever Wendy. The room was absolutely adorable and Elle just hung out happy the entire time.

I know both my wife and I are so thrilled for these two. They are going to make amazing parents and I cannot wait to see this little girl grow up. Congrats you guys!

Caroline | Newborn

The church I attend in downtown Phoenix is seriously spitting out the babies lately. We’ve already had quite a few this year (including adopting our own tubby little boy), and there are more on the way!

One of the newcomers was little Caroline, born to first-time parents Cody and Jessica. They live in a sweet loft  only a few miles from where I live and it has a sick view of the city. In fact, I’ve been invited to call them “anytime” if I want to sit on the balcony to timelapse a dust storm or shoot some lightning. I may just hold them to that reaaaaaal soon!

I spent a few hours with this adorable family last Wednesday. They have an unbelievably cute dog named Max who is still a bit unsure about this baby and what all the fuss is about. He co-operated on a few posed shot, so we thank him for that. We decided to take Caroline on her first walk outside the building and despite the sweltering heat, we had a great time. It was fun returning to the lobby and having a handful of maintenance staff/property managers all want to get their first glimpse at Caroline.

The little lady had multiple outfit changes and slept most of the time. But she did finally wake up, made all kinds of cute and crazy faces…crying, sneezing, smiling…you name it. I hope these photos capture just how beautiful she is…and how much Cody and Jessica love her. They were beaming the entire time.

Thanks so much guys for letting me capture these early moments in Caroline’s life…meant so much to me! Can’t wait to watch her grow up.

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Baby Caleb and family

The most amazing thing about having kids is that you completely forget how small they used to be. This little guy is Caleb Joseph and at the time of the photos was only five days old. Soooo tiny. So absolutely cute and adorable as well. I’m just so used to my little girl who is going on three…it’s almost a shock when you see a newborn. And so much fun.

We love this family. They’ve been awesome friends to us over the years. I did a photoshoot for them back in May of 2010 and it’s just so cool to see how much the kids have grown.

Caleb joins his slightly older brother Logan, older sister Abby and parents Seth and Lisa. He supposedly sleeps through anything, except for the mean man with the giant camera a foot away from his face! But he was a great little subject and I had a ton of fun capturing not only him, but his brother and sister, and of course, his parents.

Thanks for letting me hang out for a bit and grab some shots! You guys are awesome!

Only suggestion is to toss away that Nikon that Abby is holding in one of the pictures and get her a real camera *grin*

Introducing Caleb Joseph

Caleb Joseph…born to some dear friends of ours over the weekend. The third of their clan, he’s just as cute as the rest of them.

Had a blast doing a little shoot with this baby boy and his family yesterday…enjoy the sneak peek, more to come!

Photoshoot: Wyatt and Rachel

These are some of my favorite shots from a little photoshoot I did with Wyatt and Rachel on Tuesday night. The little guy was just four days old and the parents wanted some pictures of him, plus a few together with his big sister Rachel for some birth announcements.

We got the full spectrum of Wyatt…some super-sleepy to kind of wide-awake…he did such a great job. Of course, when you are that little and the goofy camera guy asks mom and dad to pose you in a certain spot…you are pretty much stuck that way *grin*

Although, little Wyatt actually almost rolled over onto his back a few times, so this guy might be ready for training wheels soon!

Rachel was a sweetheart and obviously already loves having a little brother. Must be such a weird, cool thing for a little kid to suddenly meet their new baby brother/sister…who knows what goes through their heads right?

This was my first official shoot indoors and I have to say I seriously love my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens…that thing is a miracle worker.

(this shot below was just an idea I sent them on how they could take two of the photos and put them into separate frames, but place them side by side on the way. I am no interior decorator, so cut me some slack, I just thought it was kind of cool)

Sneak peak: Brand new baby Wyatt

As some of you know, I have a full-time job that doesn’t involve photography and the last few days have been long, tedious and tiring. After about 10 hours today, I drove across Phoenix in rush hour traffic to meet my wife, daughter and our friends who just had their second child in the wee hours of Friday morning. My wife made them a delicious dinner and I was going to take a few shots of Wyatt along with his big sister Rachel.

Photography is such a blessing to me. After such a draining day, I got to take pictures of this cute newborn baby and then when I got home to process them, his little face made me smile over and over. Suddenly a downer of a day ends on a happy note…how awesome is that?

Looking forward to watching Wyatt grow up!

Welcome to the world baby Wyatt

Our very good friends Tyler and Sara had their second child in the wee early hours of Saturday morning and his name was Wyatt. A cute little guy, apparently does nothing but sleep and whimper so very sweetly. I’m sure the tired parents are hoping that trend continues.

Just two shots of this guy from our quick visit to see them yesterday.