Baby Caleb and family

The most amazing thing about having kids is that you completely forget how small they used to be. This little guy is Caleb Joseph and at the time of the photos was only five days old. Soooo tiny. So absolutely cute and adorable as well. I’m just so used to my little girl who is going on three…it’s almost a shock when you see a newborn. And so much fun.

We love this family. They’ve been awesome friends to us over the years. I did a photoshoot for them back in May of 2010 and it’s just so cool to see how much the kids have grown.

Caleb joins his slightly older brother Logan, older sister Abby and parents Seth and Lisa. He supposedly sleeps through anything, except for the mean man with the giant camera a foot away from his face! But he was a great little subject and I had a ton of fun capturing not only him, but his brother and sister, and of course, his parents.

Thanks for letting me hang out for a bit and grab some shots! You guys are awesome!

Only suggestion is to toss away that Nikon that Abby is holding in one of the pictures and get her a real camera *grin*

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  1. Chris Nitz
    Chris Nitz says:

    All great work, but the few that really caught my attention were the little one checking the camera, and the two color close-ups of the toddlers. Their eyes just grabbed a hold of me and would not let me scroll any further. Also, the little photog, man is that adorable. Thanks for making Friday that much more awesome!

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Yeah, I think all of these are with the 35mm. Was in a small room, so it worked well, but I also loved how close you can get to a subject compared to the 50 1.4. Was a ton of fun.

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