My wife and I have been friends with Ryan and Alex forever. I probably first met Ryan when he was in junior high and attending the same church I went to with Jina (my girlfriend then, wife now). In fact, both of us were youth group leaders, so Ryan was just one of the kids we mentored and hung out with all the time.

Then one day he was like suddenly old and getting married to a wonderful girl named Alex (she’s the fashionista behind AVE Styles). It’s so weird when you see these kids all grown up and getting hitched.

And NOW…they had their first baby. Noelle, or Elle for short. A gorgeous little girl, I couldn’t have been more happy to come over for a bit and take some photos of her the other day. She was around three weeks old at this time, Ryan couldn’t get away from work, so we just got some shots of mom, Elle, the baby’s room and of course…that cutest dog ever Wendy. The room was absolutely adorable and Elle just hung out happy the entire time.

I know both my wife and I are so thrilled for these two. They are going to make amazing parents and I cannot wait to see this little girl grow up. Congrats you guys!

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