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The first family I ever photographed were the Kleins. I think they actually even paid me too, although I’d be too embarrassed to go back and look at those! It’s amazing how far you come and how much you learn in four years.

Just over a week ago we met up in downtown Phoenix for their annual pictures. As is the same every year, I brought along my family because we all love to hang together. Plus their little girl Tatum and my daughter Lyla are best friends, love seeing each other and I dig being able to get pictures of them. They are just so cute together…holding hands, smiling, laughing…it’s heaven for us to see.

But I just truly love this entire family. Katy was in town from college…which is amazing because she was a freshmen in high school when I first took their photos. Time flies. And the rest of the kiddies…Maddy and Irelynn…all growing up and looking beautiful.

Thanks again guys for letting me capture some moments and photos for you guys…always an honor for me and such a great time!

Nice right jab Tatum!

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  1. Ryann
    Ryann says:

    I love all of these!! But I think the tatum and lyla ones take the cake! And I love that jina and eli made an appearance! Love you all!

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