I realized the other day that I never posted this timelapse I shot of a dust storm being created unseen on the horizon and then hitting me an hour later. I thought I did, but ended up getting too busy!

All summer I had been dying to capture a scene like this…where I started shooting way before you even saw any dust or anything. Having lived out here my entire life, I knew those storms would kick up some kind of dust cloud. So I took a chance and started snapping while the clouds were still far, far away.

The result was perfect. It’s actually kind of tough to aim your camera in one direction and pray that the dust comes right at you and doesn’t veer to the left, or veer to the right. I watched the storms on radar for about 10 minutes before starting the timelapse, just so I could be sure of where they were headed.

This was shot with an ultra-wide, 14mm Rokinon lens, so the towers out in the distance look a lot flatter than they really are, but that’s what happens!

Hope you enjoy!


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