For some reason, right now, bleary-eyed, post-election groggy, post-Vegas-day-trip…I cannot think of where I met the Feeneys. But that’s just it. I feel like I’ve always known them. They are two of the nicest, nicest people I know. Like…I just love ’em. They run Surefire Photography right out of their home studio and rock.

I was overjoyed for them when I found out earlier this year that they were pregnant. I honestly couldn’t think of two people who’d be better parents. And then a little over a month ago, Michelle asked me to do a maternity shoot for them. I flipped out…I’ve never taken pictures of these two and just the fact that they asked me was a humbling experience.

So last week I got to hang out with Sean and Michelle for over an hour. And I have to say…if I thought they’d be great parents before, that feeling only increased by the end of the shoot. To me…being good parents starts first with being good friends. Best friends. And you can see how much these two adore each other in only a few minutes. You also can’t be around them without feeling their excitement over this unborn little boy. The joy on their faces is pretty easy to read.

Thank you guys so much for letting me do this for you! I had soooooo much fun and I am beyond happy for you both! Cannot wait to meet the little Peppercorn!!

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