Cape Fear

Cape Fear - Devil's Gulch Oregon Coast

(click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 35mm 1.4 L, f/16, iso 400, 58 sec // buy print)

As this Movie Title Series continues on an on for over a year now…it feels like I’m running thin on movies I’ve seen that have titles which work well enough for images.  Hence you may start seeing films that I’ve actually never viewed before. Or perhaps I may have seen portions of it, but have no clue what it was about, nor remember anything.

Sort of like Cape Fear.

I am certain I saw this movie, or at least the majority of it. But aside from knowing it was on the water, kind of scary and called Cape Fear, that’s all I remember. Now that I look it up on IMDB, I find out the plot was about “A convicted rapist, released from prison after serving a 14 year sentence, stalks the family of the lawyer who originally defended him.” Creepy. I believe people liked it…I remember all this talk about how freaky it was. Robert DeNiro…Nick Nolte…Jessica Lange. May need to watch this one again. Lange is now on American Horror Story and is downright creepy in that as well.

This image is from Devil’s Gulch along the Oregon coast. When I stood there, it was kind of freaking me out a bit. You probably don’t know it, but the road around that mountain on the horizon isn’t down by the water. It’s about  1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the mountain. That’s how far you have to hike to get down to this point. The sun was going down, it was getting dark, kind of foggy, the waves were crashing around me, the low-tide exposed rocks were black as night…and I have to say…I was nervous.

Cape Fear.

But I loved this scene. I hung in there for a few exposures to get it right. The silhouette of that mountain was just too beautiful to pass up. I definitely would love a week driving up the coast of Oregon, and that probably still wouldn’t be enough time.



  • Heath O’Fee

    Love the black and white – fits the mood you set with the movie title perfectly!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Great B&W! Love the movement in the clouds and the fog from the water!

  • Len Saltiel

    Wow Mike, this is a wonderful shot. Great long exposure and B&W choice.

  • Chris Frailey

    Digging that foggy edge created at the shore line. Good stuff Mike.

  • Edith Levy

    Beautiful. I love the B&W it makes the shot very moody and a little bit scary…Cape Fear indeed.

  • Victoria (Sweden)

    Wow, very nice picture!

  • Chris Nitz

    Moody and powerful shot today. Reading the post and then checking out the shot just sent chills down my spine actually. Fantastic work.

  • Brian Furbush

    Nice movie title selection, and a nice moody B&W as well.

  • Jesse

    All mood all the time. Sweet shot dude.

  • Eden

    Great shot!

  • Kris Koeller

    Great shot. Scary indeed!

  • jina

    that movie was downright creepy… can’t believe you don’t remember more of it. must be that ole memory is going….

  • John

    The black and white really fits this scene so well. Love the foggy edge that was created at the shoreline too. Really all comes together to really pull of the title of the image! Great work 🙂

  • Scott Wood

    I said it before and it still holds true, you are killing me with these Oregon coast images. And to think you tweeted that you “might” have gotten a couple decent shots. Perhaps a bit of an understatement. 🙂