Hey everyone! So excited to announce the release of my brand new website, using this amazing Kadence Theme and the fantastic Betsy from Positive Element!

I’ve been dying for a new look, something to match who I am as a photographer and filmmaker after all this time and with my last new design being roughly seven years ago, it was finally time. I love the way this site is laid out, all the new information, re-written content and additional pages. Integrated more video into the time-lapse and licensing pages as well, which I’m stoked about. The weddings and family photography pages are stunning, showcasing awesome weddings and sessions that used to just hide in the blog.

Mostly though, I feel this site is much more me than before. I’ve been doing this full-time for over seven years now and it’s been quite a journey, with so many blessings along the way. This site now showcases all that and more.

Hope you enjoy! Take a look around!

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