A few more shots of the July 21st haboob in Phoenix

Here are just a few more images I captured yesterday during a fairly awesome haboob that rolled through town. And yes, even the people that hate the use of the word “haboob” might admit that Saturday’s storm certainly had some of the same characteristics as last year’s giant one on July 5th.

In case you missed it, here is a timelapse from yesterday’s dust storm and below are a couple more pictures. These were captured south of town as the storm rolled in. I had been timelapsing the entire thing when it was south of Casa Grande, and stopped when it hit me at I-10 and the 587. This first shot below was from that intersection.

This second shot was on the shoulder of I-10 just a tad north of Queen Creek, which is the overpass in the distance. These vehicles were going at a very slow pace and it was packed.

Police closed the freeway further south of this, which was evident once the wall of dust hit because the road suddenly became like something out of the Book of Eli. There wasn’t a soul anywhere close except for me.

  • http://www.obrienphoto.net Pat O’Brien

    Awesome shots as usual Mike!

  • http://www.adamolsonphotography.com Adam Olson

    Awesome shots Mike! I was just checking out the weather on weather.com and saw on the home page a time lapse for this haboob. I thought to myself, “Man, did Mike get another great time lapse of a haboob?” Sure enough it was you! Congrats man on the awesome capture and more national exposure!

  • Karen

    Really? You are becoming the haboob man! So glad you didn’t miss all the storms while in Arkansas…

  • http://scottwyden.com Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Looks like the truck is going 1010 MPH trying to get away. Amazing shots as always dude!

  • aaron levy

    Beyond awesome…Great photography..Haboob?

  • http://www.kriskoeller.com Kris Koeller

    These are great. Loved the time lapse too!

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