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I love teaching people new things, not to mention showing them the power of the weather and the beauty of storms. I’m slowly rolling out new workshops and storm chase tours, so this is a good page to keep up-to-date on the latest offerings. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to get emailed when I have openings or new workshops.

I don’t have any wedding workshops at the moment, but if you are interested in some one-on-one mentoring, even if it’s just via Skype or Facetime, please use the general contact form to hit me up!



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  1. […] Are we talking about weddings? Not really, but we are talking about epic storms in the US especially in Mikes home state of Arizona. Along with being an unbelievable photographer, Mike was just amazing to talk to. Tune in to hear the stories of his epic chases, 2011 his life changed forever and what a story it is, best of all I cant wait to join him on one of his storm chase tours in 2021, check them out here […]

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