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I launched Virtual Workshops in 2020 as a way to help people during the pandemic when we were all stuck at home! They turned out to be a blast and an amazing way to learn some things without needing to do it in person!

It turned out to be an awesome idea though and I decided to offer them going forward as well, especially for those who just need some pointers or an overview of things without needing to book a full chase workshop.

Read more below on how they work, what the cost is and contact me if you are interested!

Virtual Workshops

How it Works

  • One-hour blocks scheduled at mutually convenient times. based on availability
  • You decide what you want me to cover
  • Conducted via Zoom Conferencing
  • Recorded and delivered for your future reference


  • $200.00 per block
  • Save with a package of 3 blocks for $500.00

Workshop Subjects

When signing up, please let me know what you are interested in learning about photography! See below for suggested subjects:

  • Using your Camera
  • Basics of photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc
  • Landscape/storm/lightning photography
  • Editing/Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Time-lapse/editing/processing/LR Timelapse/After Effects/Premiere Pro
  • Backing up your work
  • Gear, lenses, tools, etc

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