Dry Lake

September 1st, the night that keeps on giving haha…so many fun lightning shots from that chase, here’s one looking towards the dry lake bed near Willcox from near the Kansas Settlement. I got this on wide angle which I would have preferred, but it was set to ISO 2000 for time-lapse and the bolt just blew the crap out of the shot. This was fun despite wishing I had a tad more foreground.

The Fields

Someday I may get through the queue of images I have yet to edit from the years chasing storms, but that’s doubtful 😂

Here’s a new shot from June 12th, 2017 after a rough day chasing, missing tornadoes and epic structure…I found redemption near sunset in western Nebraska close to the town of Minatare. This supercell was electric and put out a sick ton of bolts. I’d keep chasing this guy through Alliance and well into the Sandhills until almost midnight.


Not gonna lie, and I’ve said it before probably, but July 9th was definitely the best day ever chasing haboobs 😂

This was southwest of Gila Bend aways, eight-image panoramic with the Sony A7R3 and Sigma Art 14-24. Massive, dense haboob riding underneath a pretty nifty shelf cloud.

That wall of dust originated southwest of Phoenix and ended up rolling into California and Mexico after dark…what an amazing day.

Crimson Bolts

Combing through the archives of photos I never edited, here’s one from monsoon 2015 west of Tonopah, AZ. I had the kids with me, I was running a fever, but this isolated storm started going up and we went after it. At the time I had no time-lapse clip I felt was good enough for the ending of Monsoon II, and I was pushing myself hard. But on this night, I knew I got it.

Incredible storm, at sunset, with crazy bolts and gorgeous colors. What a fantastic night.

Near Lamesa, Texas

Outflow boundaries collided near Lamesa, Texas and despite it being a marginal day, we ended up with a gorgeous supercell for about 40 minutes.

The third day of my Plains Chase Tour this spring was a marginal one, we woke up in Garden City on May 31st and by mid-afternoon we were in Lubbock chasing storms to our south. We got on one that was okay, but then a storm near Lamesa formed and we noticed an outflow boundary headed for it from the east. We hoped it would give it some extra juice and by the time we got down there, it certainly turned into a full-fledged gorgeous supercell for about an hour.

This was southeast of Lamesa and wow did it look stunning. All the dust churning underneath and the teethy low clouds on the left side. One of my favorite storms from this spring and all on a marginal day!

The Katie, Oklahoma tornado

A powerful, EF3 tornado spins through the small rural community of Katie, Oklahoma on May 9th, 2016.

I’m still in utter disbelief that I saw what I did two days ago in Oklahoma. What turned out to be a destructive and deadly tornado was at the same time one of the most beautiful and amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. When I turned down this road and it was right down the center…I almost lost my mind. And it seemed to hang out there as it was obviously moving right towards me. I eventually moved south to time-lapse it from a different spot, but Ruppe Road and Katie, Oklahoma will always be a place I remember. And Chester Barnes, an old man who lost his life somewhere near here.

I have more tornado photos to share as well, of this one, of it roping out, of the wedge later near Sulphur and a third one near Connorville. What a day.

(Technical notes. Wish I had taken the time for a tripod and not f/4, but when a tornado is coming your way…you forget things. You can also compare this to the first shot I posted…taken from the exact same location, that one was a 135mm and this was 16mm)

West of Tonopah

I was in Avondale when storms looked to be dying out, but way out west I thought I saw a base just hanging out I went for it. Finally as we neared Tonopah the cloud tops went up and the bolts started raining down. One of the most incredible lightning shows I've seen. Lasted for 45 minutes, created strong dusty outflow and had some amazing colors.
(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, rokinon 14mm f/2.8, iso 400, f/5.6, 3.2 sec // buy print)

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One of those times you drive towards a storm base without much hope, and then it explodes to 40k ft right at sunset and you witness an incredible lightning show for 45 minutes. Shot this west of Phoenix near the town of Tonopah a few nights ago.

This is a frame from a 352-image time-lapse…gotta be one of the best lightning time-lapses I’ve shot. So many CG’s for the life of this storm that lasted almost 45 minutes. Plus the colors, a huge dust outflow…was amazing.

Got tons of shots with the 50mm too, can’t wait to share some! Probably will save the time-lapse itself for when Monsoon II comes out

Artesia II

A beautiful supercell rotates over the deserts southwest of Artesia, New Mexico.
(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark iii, rokinon 14mm f/2.8, iso 100, f/8, 1/60th // buy print)

Here’s a shot from May 23rd, 2014 that I never edited. Taken southwest of Artesia, New Mexico. We had been striking out on solid supercell structure the first few days of our chase trip, so this gorgeous little LP storm had us jumping up and down.

Headed back to the plains Friday night…cannot wait.


(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark iii, canon 35mm f/1.4 l, f/10, iso 100, 15 sec // buy print)

Oh you know I love lightning. Here’s some more from that September 15th storm over Eloy that may have dropped a brief tornado.


(click to view on black // canon 5d mark iii, canon 35mm f/1.4 l, iso 100, f/10, 20 sec // buy print)

Wow, I had a spectacular show in front of me last night near Eloy! Tons of incredible bolts as the storm went right by me to the southwest. This was actually a severe thunderstorm that had rotation on it, strong inflow and my buddy Bryan Snider saw successive power flashes at one point. A train also had 35 cars derailed about 10 minutes before this image was captured. Glad I got out of the way in time to sit safely and take some shots.

The remnants of hurricane Odile will make their way into AZ over the next 72-hours, it’s going to be nuts! Will be chasing non-stop…you can watch me right here on my Live Chasing page.