(click to view on black // canon 5d mark iii, canon 35mm f/1.4 l, iso 100, f/10, 20 sec // buy print)

Wow, I had a spectacular show in front of me last night near Eloy! Tons of incredible bolts as the storm went right by me to the southwest. This was actually a severe thunderstorm that had rotation on it, strong inflow and my buddy Bryan Snider saw successive power flashes at one point. A train also had 35 cars derailed about 10 minutes before this image was captured. Glad I got out of the way in time to sit safely and take some shots.

The remnants of hurricane Odile will make their way into AZ over the next 72-hours, it’s going to be nuts! Will be chasing non-stop…you can watch me right here on my Live Chasing page.

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