Sarah & Evan | Engagement

When Sarah’s dad told me that I’d love taking pictures of his daughter and Evan because of how unique they are…I got pretty pumped about it. He’s a photographer, so he knows how sometimes we crave that kind of stuff to make our jobs more interesting from time to time. And he was telling the truth.

The little celtic cross tattoo I have on my back shoulder cringed in embarrassment when I met these two in person. I loved ALL their ink…especially how a lot of it seemed to have special and spiritual meaning to them both. But aside from all that, they are just a wonderful couple and we had a blast wandering around the grungy parts of downtown Phoenix, ending up at an old, abandoned train platform that I love. The day ended with a lovely discussion about The Walking Dead.

Their wedding is next April out in Ventura, California…cannot wait!

One | Sarah & Evan | Engagement

A frame from yesterday’s engagement shoot with Sarah and Evan. They are getting hitched this coming April out in Ventura, California and I’m sooo excited!

Cassie & Jake | Engaged

Cassie & Jake…ASU alumni getting married next year. We met up for a drink at Pita Jungle before hitting downtown Phoenix. Super rad couple, wedding is going to be epic.

Here’s the pics.


Ginny & Johnny | Engagement

Ginny and Johnny remind me a bit of my wife and I. They told me a story about how on a previous Valentine’s Day, they made plans to visit The Mission down in Old Scottsdale but ended up falling asleep by 9pm.

Definitely fits our profile big time. Friday night…do we go out or catch up on TV shows? Usually ends up with Pei Wei take-out and Fringe.

I met up with these two just over a week ago in Scottsdale and we wandered around a bit there before heading to the Botanical Garden. I’ve done a few shoots at the Garden this fall, it’s such a beautiful place, I definitely recommend it for a visit sometime!

And now, enjoy the photos!

Jackie & Jeremy | Engaged

Multiple outfit changes, Jeremy’s obsession with shoes and awesome light made for a fantastic engagement session with this great looking couple.

We hit up the Rose & Crowne for a beer before we wandered around downtown Phoenix and then visited a nearby park that I’ve been to more than once this fall. I loved all the different looks Jackie and Jeremy had with their outfits. I especially dug the crazy expensive sneakers that Jeremy wears at one point that almost look like the self-lacing ones from Back to the Future II!

The couple is working with the amazing Rachel from Outstanding Occasions and Jackie said her stress level right now is zero. And judging from just a few hours hanging with them, I would agree.

Had a ton fo fun guys and can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year!

Cori & John | Engagement | Phoenix

I met Cori and John this past spring at Misti and Brian’s wedding. She was a bridesmaid, he was a crazy dancer…you can see him in the second image from the bottom here. They are getting married in Austin, Texas next year and I am so humbled and excited that they invited me to be a part of it.

John is part of the local Phoenix band Black Carl and says photographers love to take pictures of him because he’s always doing something “fun” to catch candidly. That much was true at Misti and Brian’s wedding, and it ended up being true again on this shoot. I absolutely had a ball hanging with these two on Monday. We started at their house in historic downtown Phoenix right on Portland…and then hit up the Botanical Gardens and finally finished at sunset on Papago.

These are fun sessions for guys like me. Couples just hanging out on blankets, drinking wine, riding bikes…then off for a stroll around a beautiful garden. Epic kind of fun.

Can’t wait for the wedding you guys, thanks for being awesome and having fun on this shoot!

For those not familiar with Arizona, that is downtown Phoenix on the right-center horizon!

Heather & Daryl | Engagement

I’ve known Heather for over 20 years…we went to high school together, which feels like forever ago. Next year is our twentieth reunion…which is craaaay. We can’t possibly be that old!

Heather and Daryl actually got married already earlier this year because of a mission trip they wanted to do together, but they are celebrating it officially with a wedding next month. We met up at the pumpkin patch that Daryl runs out in east Mesa (Signal Butte and Southern, check it out, awesome place!) and then took a short trip to the Phoenix Zoo.

Can’t wait for the wedding guys, so happy for you both!

Emma & Brian | Engagement | Phoenix

Emma and Brian are an amazing couple. Their story is incredible…and started off with Emma realizing how much she loved the guy right as he went off to Europe to become a monk. Many, many years later, he came back and that love remained. Their wedding is in November.

Had an awesome time with these two…so much laughter and joy. Oh, and a chicken. A chicken that is becoming a rooster. Yeah, it happens.


One | Emma & Brian

Here’s a frame from Emma and Brian’s engagement shoot last night! Love, love, love these guys…cannot wait for their wedding in November!

Julie + Aaron | Engagement | Sneak Peek

Just one from Julie and Aaron’s engagement shoot up in Jerome on Saturday afternoon!