I met Cori and John this past spring at Misti and Brian’s wedding. She was a bridesmaid, he was a crazy dancer…you can see him in the second image from the bottom here. They are getting married in Austin, Texas next year and I am so humbled and excited that they invited me to be a part of it.

John is part of the local Phoenix band Black Carl and says photographers love to take pictures of him because he’s always doing something “fun” to catch candidly. That much was true at Misti and Brian’s wedding, and it ended up being true again on this shoot. I absolutely had a ball hanging with these two on Monday. We started at their house in historic downtown Phoenix right on Portland…and then hit up the Botanical Gardens and finally finished at sunset on Papago.

These are fun sessions for guys like me. Couples just hanging out on blankets, drinking wine, riding bikes…then off for a stroll around a beautiful garden. Epic kind of fun.

Can’t wait for the wedding you guys, thanks for being awesome and having fun on this shoot!

For those not familiar with Arizona, that is downtown Phoenix on the right-center horizon!

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