November 7th is a huge deal for me. Three years ago tonight, my buddies Andy, Chris, Aaron and a few others joined me to watch the premiere of Thor: The Dark World and helped me celebrate the fact that my Booker supercell footage had been licensed by Marvel and appeared at the 1:21 mark of the film 🙂 I love those guys for being there with me that night, it was a huge moment and one I’ll never forget.

Bigger than that though…two years ago today, I left my day job behind and embarked on this photography thing full-time. I was terrified but trusting that God would take care of me and my family like he’s always done. And he did. And continues to do so.

That was a life-altering moment for us and at times it’s been tough, scary and daunting. There are moments when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and no clue how I’ve gotten here.

But here I am and I’m so proud of where we are as a business and as a family. I’m so thankful to my wife Jina who was right by my side, selling our entire DVD collection back in 2009 so I could buy my first DSLR. I don’t think either of us had a clue how that little camera purchase was going to change our lives.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me along the way, shared my work, spent their hard-earned money on me for their weddings, family sessions, storm chasing workshops, prints, books or whatever!

It’s been a wild ride and I’m so stoked for the future!

(Photo by Jay & Jess circa fall 2016!)

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