Last night was amazing. On my way south from Benson chasing some storms, I found myself noticing some dusty outflow to my west. As I got further south, I realized it was smoke from a fire. Since it looked fairly fresh, it appeared to have been caused by lightning.

I sat and time-lapsed from the east at a location just north of Whetstone, AZ from 5:40 to 6:20 pm.

I knew the road went west a few miles south and curved back to the north, so I assumed we’d be in a good spot to shoot more of the wildfire and a lot closer. I was stoked about the sun setting soon, thinking it would really make for some spectacular colors.

It was incredible. The fire was burning on its own for awhile, not moving to vigorously in any direction…UNTIL a storm approached from the east and a strong outflow exploded the first to the west. You can see towards the end where I zoom in…how quickly the fire overtook the side of that hill. It was mind-boggling.

I had to fly east if I wanted to stay in front of the fire and the storms…and that’s where the video ends.


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