We chased this dust storm from Picacho Peak all the way into central Phoenix. It was pretty nuts…the outflows flying all over the place, colliding. Dust storms were going west/northwest, then north and northeast, and then back northwest again. Made it tough!

So tough that we got too far east along Hunt Highway, and so it took us a bit of time to get back out of the dust storm in order to race in front of it to downtown Phoenix. We had intended to go to another parking garage that I like, but the ol’ standby is right off the freeway and so that’s where we ended up. Plus we were running out of light and had to start shooting RIGHT THEN.

I have a few more clips of the dust along our way, but this was the best of the night so I wanted to drop it here before the rest. I’ll probably toss those into my 2014 Arizona Monsoon film (see more here).

Below is a photo out my window as we raced through town. Thanks to my buddy Jeff for holding the wheel, I did not want to miss out on that amazing light, the sunset and the haboob racing after us!


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