This was a shot of the Radio Fire west of Whetstone, AZ yesterday evening. I didn’t see the lightning strike that started it, but I noticed smoke around 5:30pm and started timelapsing from the east side of the fire, over a mountain range. I think we saw it fairly quickly after it happened.

After a bit we moved west and got right up on the fire, maybe within a mile or two…and it was amazing. As the sun started to go down and a storm moved in, the outflow kicked up the first and it exploded west. The flames were intense and we blasted west to stay ahead of it. This is from our final stop before the rain and outflow died down, and the flames relaxed. I was so scared for all the farms and houses in the foreground. I was sure they were right in the path, but the fire seemed to stick north of them.

Lots more to come from this…I had two cameras recording timelapses (six total clips) and a third taking stills. Never seen anything like it. The sky went supernova.

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