Kirsten and I went to high school together, which was many, many years ago. When we had our ten year reunion she was pregnant with Elle and while I barely remember it, I must have met hubby Milo at the time. And now it’s near 10 years after THAT and they’ve added Pacey to the mix in the meantime. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to photograph some old friends from high school this fall and it’s been so much fun seeing how things have changed. We were all so silly and naive in high school…it’s amazing to get to see what happens 20 years later.

And I gotta say…what a fun photoshoot. Milo brought a Bose bluetooth speaker box and created a playlist just for our shoot. So not only did we take pictures, but we also had a soundtrack to go with it. LOVED. IT.

Great kids, great parents…and also their nanny/babysitter Delainey came along and immediately ended up in photos. Loved this crew…thanks guys for a rockin’ time!

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