My photographer buddy Heath and his family live in Canada. They took a break from the cold, Calgary weather and ended up on vacation with family in Palm Springs and then making a little detour to Phoenix for a few days. Not only was it amazing to get to see my friend, but on top of that he second shot  a wedding for me on Saturday and then I got to take their family photos on Sunday. Ridiculous fun.

I met Heath and his wife in person out in New York City last year, but this was the first time seeing Rory in anything other than Heath’s photos. She’s just a bundle of adorable cuteness. Like most babies, she had no clue what to make of me and just stared at me the whole time. Can’t blame her. Also kudos to her for getting most of Brei’s good looks and less of daddy’s (har har har).

Here’s a frame from yesterday…love, love, love you guys! It was so amazing seeing you all and thank you to Heath for spending almost 11 hours helping me shoot a wedding…I had a blast!

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