Lyla says peekaboo and welcomes you to the brand-spanking new branding/website I’ve been working on for a few months now.

I’m beyond excited. The feedback I’ve gotten from my close friends who have gotten first looks at it have been amazing. Everyone had the same thing to say: It’s so you Mike. Which is exactly what you hope to accomplish on a massive rebranding/new website undertaking.

I have to thank Jon Ashcroft for his stellar work in designing the logo. He’s uber awesome and highly professional at what he does. We had a first meeting where he just had me talk about what I love, what I am hoping for and all about my business. Then he thew some mood boards together to get me seeing other logos and ideas. Back and forth we went. And then he came up with three mock-ups. And we talked about them, narrowed them down and ultimately he created something that represents who I am.

Thanks Jon for all your hard work! I couldn’t be more thrilled. And for everyone else, check out his website that I linked to above. He’s pretty great…and if you need some rebranding, give him a look-see.

The branding was the first part of this. The second was finding a new website to go with it. I had been wanting some more simple…something that showcases images in a bigger, better way. The old site was great, but I felt like perhaps it was TOO much to look at. Too many images. I wanted to have less photos, more powerful images and display them huge. My other desire was to have a splash entry page for people to arrive on and quickly see what I do: Weddings and Storms. Oh, and you can Meet Mike if you want to learn more about how I love Breaking Bad and Diet Coke.

If you haven’t seen the new home page yet, click right here to launch it in a new window.

I’m super stoked about the way it looks and how it delivers exactly what I wanted. It’s beautiful, simple, professional and also looks great on the iPad. It’s no surprise to say I’m in love with it.

Major thanks to my wife for helping me proofread everything. Not to mention all her ideas and feedback as we went along. Couldn’t have done this without her.

And now I’m ready to move forward. The process started back in April and just now has seen completion. I’ve been working on customizing the website itself for over two months. It’s been a long process. Just making it go live last night/early this morning was a harrowing experience! I’m sooooo relieved that it’s done.  Thanks to all my buddies out there for their words of encouragement during this and the positive comments. Meant a lot.

Hope you enjoy the new digs! If you see anything weird or funny, please let me know!


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