The Trees

When I last flew to Oregon, I high-tailed it for Cannon Beach. I was in such a hurry, it’s a surprise that I noticed anything else, but I did. I actually drove past the spot below before turning around and pulling over. Something caught my eye and for some reason I knew I had to go back.

I saw all this moss hanging from the branches…and the sun had come out from the clouds. From my car, it looked pretty amazing. But it was nothing like the view from a little path I found. Backlit, mossy trees…it was like walking in heaven. In the first scene below, all I could think about was a that I wish I had a bride & groom standing down there. I mean, it most likely would end up being one of those shots you only dream about.

So I hope you enjoy a little stroll through some trees I found in Oregon. Processed with VSCO Film.

This last one…such a sweet spot.

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  1. Rex
    Rex says:

    I love the very first one and the very last one (the most) .. I am a tree lover and these pics gave me a sudden peace of mind.

  2. jina
    jina says:

    I love these… for some reason, I’m pulled to the B&W ones, but all are good. I can’t believe you didn’t save some of these for Movie Title Wednesdays… I could think of a ton of movies for these.

  3. Brian H.
    Brian H. says:


    Beautiful images. I love forest images, and I’m glad you stopped to capture these. Great light, too. I’m with @heatho’fee, I love the close up of the tree trunk. I’ve really enjoyed watching the progression of your photography. Keep up the great work.

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