Cloud to ground

(click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 24mm, iso 125, f/7.1, 30 sec // buy print)

I recommend clicking on the image…it will put a black box around it and fit it to your screen size…just in case your monitor isn’t giant like mine isn’t.

Haven’t posted a lightning strike in what feels like AGES, which is probably far from the truth. Anyways, this was a towering strike that I cropped to fill the entire frame. The original capture had it a bit more to the left than I liked. When shooting lightning, sometimes you don’t aim in the right spot and almost miss. So cropping is a fantastic way to recompose the image to get your bolt looking awesome.

In the realm of weather, a lightning strike that hits the surface of the earth is technically called “Cloud to Ground” or CG. These are the kind I of course go for. There are very, very rare occasions where “In Cloud” lightning creates an awesome image.

I have one of those rare ones that I’ll post at a later day. One of my favorites.

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  1. Chris Nitz
    Chris Nitz says:

    Can’t. Stop. Scrolling. Up. And. Down. Seriously, I love it when you post these gigantic shots as I feel so small, like a fruit fly in an orchard. So frigging cool man.

  2. Scott Wood
    Scott Wood says:

    Very nice Mike. One of the few things I am going to miss after the move is shooting Arizona lightning in the summer. Fortunately I will have your images to enjoy.

  3. Jan Winther
    Jan Winther says:

    Very cool to see it just keep going and going as I scroll down – yup my screen is small.
    Great shot Mike. Looks like you were really close on this one.

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